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Solar Eclipse August 2017


We watched the solar eclipse today. It was the first total eclipse that passed through the United States in 99 years. In Washington, we saw about a 90% totality of the eclipse, but it was enough to make it a memorable observation. Luckily, we had clear skies today, and saw the whole thing without any obscurity. We used special eclipse glasses that were like really ultra dark sunglasses. My husband was able to get some nice photos of the eclipse using a special solar lense filter.

We watched the whole thing from the time the moon began to traverse the sun until it completely made it's way back off the sun. It was pretty weird how it got dim and chilly outside during the maximum eclipse point. We stood out there for about 2 hours to watch it.

I remember watching a solar eclipse when I was in 5th grade at school. They had us bring about 3 photo negative strips in (yeah, that's how old I am) to stack together and look at the eclipse through them. It was a very exciting experience for my classmates and me, and I'll never forget it. I'm not sure if our kids will remember this experience since they are much younger. But it will probably be a long time before they see another one.

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