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Saban's Power Rangers Movie


Go, Go Power Rangers!

I love the new Power Rangers movie. I'm not overly crazy about action movies, but this one I especially liked because it had philosophical value to me. It is about a random group of teenagers who have been brought low, but they are brought together by fate to find redemption and salvation. They must face an enemy who knows all about each of them as individuals but has no clue about the strength they have found in each other.

Teamwork is an idea that is fairly new to me. Being of Asian descent, I have been trained in the art of "Divide and Conquer", which is highly efficient and productive. But I've noticed more and more that part of being American is learning to be part of a team. I've never played sports on a team, so that concept is quite foreign to me. Yes, it is true that you get things done a lot slower when you are moving as a team versus as individuals. But, as portrayed in this movie, great things can be accomplished as a team.

For me, each member of the Power Rangers team on this movie represented an admirable character trait that is very valuable when it comes to a team of people joining forces to meet a common goal.


Jason, the Red Ranger, represented leadership and strength. He was the highschool quarterback who lost it all in one wild night of foolishness and tragedy. But he rose up to call the team to action. He had a natural way of inspiring others without coercing or using force. He knew that if people were to commit, it had to be on their own accord.


Blessed are the meek. Billy, the Blue Ranger, represented intelligence and ingenuity. Although humble, he had technical prowess and could think outside of the box. But that got him nowhere in the school hallways. He was the target of derision from classmates and the school bully. But by becoming a Power Ranger, he received power and glory for his talents and good spirit. "If you must come at me, then come at me, Bro!" - Billy Cranston


Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, represents love and compassion to me. She was a popular cheerleader who loved, lost, and fell from grace. But as a Power Ranger, she found a purpose greater than herself. And she rose above her shame and mistakes.


Trini, the Yellow Ranger, is friendship. Having moved from school to school, she never have a chance to create lasting friendships. She felt alone and uncared for. She was a little hesitant to band up with the Power Rangers for fear that it might be another temporary thing. But with the great power and responsiblity they've been given, Trini was assured that the team of Power Rangers would always be friends.


Zack, the Black Ranger, represents bravery. As the only caretaker of his dying mother, Zack had to look death in the face every day. Sometimes it got the best of him, dropping out of school and whittling his days away at an abandoned mine. But he was courageous, inspiring the team to take each treacherous step they needed to take to become the Power Rangers.

I'm not sure how closely the new Power Rangers movie parallels Saban's original Power Ranger TV shows because I haven't watched much of the shows. But I really did, surprisingly, like the movie. Not for it's entertainment value, but just because it made me think about stuff. The stuff that matters. Like no man is an island. We really do need others in our lives. No matter how introverted we are (I am), we are not meant to live and operate alone. And being part of a team is an important part of being happy and successful in life.

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