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Kanikko Crab Snack



A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach (Puget Sound). As we walked along the beach, we found some seaweed, barnacles, seashells, pieces of eaten dungeness crabs, as well as some tiny crabs hiding under large rocks. Each tiny crab was about the size of a quarter to a half dollar coin. They were so cute!

A day or so later, we were walking through the local Japanese market (Uwajimaya) and saw what looked like these same crabs deep fried, seasoned, and packaged in packs of about 30. The kids wanted so badly to try them after seeing them on the beach. I have to say I chickened out and couldn't bring myself to try them. I don't even like to eat the tails of shrimp that have been deep fried. Never mind the fact that these crabs looked like little spiders hiding under the rock.

Anyway, the kids said they tasted good, but they couldn't eat many of them. Sadly, the package of seasoned tiny crabs found their way into the landfill. I'm sure the crows will enjoy them.


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