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Northern Lights in Talkeetna

My husband and I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. So we took a trip up to Alaska. He did some research and found a quaint little town called Talkeetna. We had a wonderful trip and would recommend Talkeetna to anyone for viewing the Northern Lights. And maybe you can even catch the Iditarod while you are there.

Location: Talkeetna, Alaska

The Tour
Chugach Mountains

We arrived in Anchorage, Alaska and were greeted by the Chugach mountains all around the airport. It immediately felt like we were in the land of ice and snow. The ground was covered in ice all over the parking lots when we went to get our rental car. I was slipping around quite a bit.

Alaska RangeWe spent the night in Anchorage at one of the hotels, we had booked earlier. Then the cool part, the next morning we drove up to Talkeetna, Alaska. What a gorgeous drive going through the Chugach mountains and seeing the Alaska range. Totally white, and just absolutely stunning.

Mountain High Pizza PieTalkeetna was a cute little town, covered in snow, with a log cabin shops and restaurants. This is where the movie Snow Dogs was set (although it was actually filmed in Alaska). The town portrayed as Talkeetna was likened very much to the real town.

"Sorry, I only have American money," says Cuba's mother as she exits the taxi in Snow Dogs. And I must say, I felt the same way in Talkeetna. You get this other worldly feeling like you are in Siberia or Northern Canada here.

DenaliFrom the this little Alaskan town is a tremendous view of Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. The ancient natives nicknamed it Denali, meaning "The Great One". There were frequent flights up to Mt. McKinley, but we didn't get a chance to do that.
Tripple PeaksDenali stands proud beside Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker in the Alaska range. The three peaks together make an unbelievably amazing panoramic! We found a nice rest area to view all three peaks from a bluff and took some nice pictures of the breathtaking view.
Snow shoeing in AlaskaDuring the daytime, we drove around, toured the scenery, did some hiking and some snow-shoeing. Breathing the fresh Alaskan mountain air was so refreshing. The weather was cold, but it was sunny and beautiful.
At night, we stayed up late, and sometimes out in the cold, to watch the Aurora Borealis. They say you can sometimes see this is in our area back home, but this was the first time either of us saw the Aurora. Truly amazing!

Photos taken 2/2005

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