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Run of The River Inn

A luxurious and romantic bed and breakfast inn, with a beautiful peaceful view of the river. We went here for our babymoon. I have been wanting to go to this place for years and finally decided to do it before our first baby was born. It was the perfect place to have our last romantic getaway before the baby. We even picked up a cute little baby hat for her at the inn's gift shop as a momento, as well as the comfy Bucky pillows we tried out in the room.

Location: Leavenworth, WA

The Tour

Private fireplace in our room.

Private living area in our room.

Sliding glass door leading to our private deck.

A Stellar's Jay eating peanuts out of the feeder on our private deck.

Another cute bird eating out of a different feeder on our deck.

Our private deck.

A nearby walk we did from Barn Beach Reserve to Blackbird Island.

An adorable fawn crossing the bridge to Blackbird Island.

Overall, it was such a lovely trip. The hostess was nice and very helpful and made delicious and nutritious breakfasts. We enjoyed the wildlife refuge area and had such a relaxing time just gazing out at the river from the deck. I would love to go back, and would recommend it to anyone for a babymoon or any other romantic getaway. Here is their web site: www.runoftheriver.com.

Photos taken 6/2009 by my hubby

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