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Portland, Oregon

Living in Seattle, I love going to Portland for a weekend getaway. It is a fun city with some cool places to go. We just recently got back from a trip down to Portland. We visited a good friend of mine from college and found a couple new places there that we enjoyed.

Below are some of my favorite things to do in Portland.

Location: Portland, OR

The Tour

Washington Park

This is a huge and wonderful park. There is everything from tennis courts, to a rose garden, and even a japanese garden. It's best to visit in the spring or summer. Click here for a Google map of Washington Park.

Rose Test Garden

When I first visited this garden, it was August, and it just took my breath away. I've seen beautiful rose gardens, but this garden is really amazing. Rows and rows of roses, I didn't know how I'd get to see them all.

This rose garden is so beautiful during the summer months, when all the roses are in bloom.

Lagerfield roses were the best smelling, and a beautiful pale lavender color.

Japanese Garden

I'm a big fan of Japanese gardens. They are so serene and unique. To get to this garden, there is a little hike up, but it's well worth it.

A meticulously tended sand garden

A peaceful pond

Lan Su Chinese Garden

My hubby and I love this place! Located in downtown Portland's China Town, it is a magical and unforgetable place.
Google map of the Chinese garden
web site: lansugarden.org

This photo was taken in February. The garden is wonderful to visit any time of year. The walkways are mostly covered, and there is a cozy tea house where you can try all sorts of different teas and have some Dim Sum or pastries.

Apricot blossomes were blooming in late February when we were there. They are lovely and smell so sweet.

Other Great Stops in Portland

Washington Square

A nice mall to shop at, plus it's tax free in Oregon! Hubby likes the Sony Style store. I guess I'm just a Macy's and Nordstroms girl.
Google Map
web site: shopwashingtonsquare.com

Delicious Texas Pit BBQ

I'm not really a huge BBQ fan, but that's only because its hard to find good BBQ. We actually found this place while we were trying to find Washington Square. We got a little lost and saw lots of smoke on the side of the road. As we got closer, we noticed it was a BBQ pit. Immediately, I knew I had to have that BBQ. It was absolutely delicious, and I totally recommend it if you go to Portland. Click here for more info.

Powell's Books

This is one of the greatest book stores I've ever been to. It's quirky, unique, and fun to just browse the shelves. They have rare books that I could never find at other book stores. And they have a whole tech book store that my hubby likes to browse. Located in downtown Portland, it is always a fun stop to make.
Google Map
web site: powells.com

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