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Bellevue Art Museum


Bellevue Art Museum I've been meaning to visit the Bellevue Art Museum for years. No one I knew had ever been, so I wasn't sure what to expect, if it would be totally awesome or what. Finally, I took the kids there because our daughter has been asking to go to a museum. She loves visiting museums, and we've been to a few in the area already.

The Bellevue Art Museum was AMAZING! It was everything I imagined it would be and more. It has three levels of art displays with some unbelievably incredible art creations. Many of it had such intricate detail that you can't believe someone did that with their own hands. And you wonder how long it took them to do it. You could even picture them sitting there for weeks upon weeks painstakingly whittling away at the thing.

Many of the art pieces had a little plaque posted beside it with interesting facts about the artist as well as what inspired the artwork or what it means to the artist. I loved reading these postings, they really helped you appreciate the art at a much deeper level.

When we were there, the first floor had paintings done in different mediums as well as a museum store. The second floor had beautiful glass sculptures as well as a whole kids craft area and a hands on room where you can learn about how the artists made their glass art.

The third floor had really incredible paper art. I wish my husband was there with us. He would have really enjoyed the paper art. There were lots of different intricately cut out designs and pictures in paper. Probably painstakingly cut out with an X-ACTO knife. My husband uses the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to create really cool paper art. So I thought he would be able to appreciate what they had there.

They also had a dark theater room where there was a short animated movie playing. It was created by animating the cut out paper art frame by frame. Some of the actual cut paper art used in the video was on display there, too. It was really fascinating to get a close look at some of the cut paper characters and see them animated on the screen.

I loved it, as did our daughter. Our son mostly liked the Imagination Station (kids craft room). There were lots of things for them to get there hands into. I created a slideshow with photos from the kids room. I would say this museum is mostly for adults as some of the artwork on display is fragile and all are non-touchable. Our 5yo son wasn't interested at all in the artwork. But our 7yo daughter, who is really into art and loves museums could've stayed there longer to admire the art. But alas, our viewing time was cut short as our son was pretty bored with looking at the displays. Most of our time was spent in the kids craft room that day.

Imagination Station at the Bellevue Art Museum

I would love to go back sometime soon. I'm not sure how often they change their exhibits, but what we saw took my breath away. They offer free admission on the first Friday of every month and are open until 8pm on those free days. I think it would be a fun date place to go and then have dinner afterwards somewhere in downtown Bellevue. Maybe the Melting Pot

Bellevue Art Museum
510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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