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Make Jewelry With Your Photos

I started making photo frame pendants for necklaces and charms for bracelets and watches. I haven't yet finished a project, but I am using two different kinds of jewelry photo frames. One is the kind that you slide your photo in behind a little clear plastic. The other is a photo embeded in resin. I've never worked with resin before, and the effect is so cool, so I thought I'd give it a try. I found this great tutorial video that I'm using as a guide: http://www.ehow.com/video_2289779_use-resin-photoart-rings-pendants.html

Slide-in Photo Frame Pendant

This is the easiest kind of photo frame pendant or charm to make. Here are the directions:



  1. Measure the inset dimensions of the photo frame in millimeters. If it is a circle, measure the diameter. If it is an oval, measure the width and height.
  2. Use the photo software to resize and print your digital image to match the dimensions of the frame. Your software may be different, but here's what I do using Photoshop.
    • Resize the image to a workable size, a little larger than your photo frame size.
    • Brighten the image a bit so that it shows up in the frame better.
    • Use the selection tool. Change the style (in the top menu area)to Fixed size, and enter the dimensions. If your frame is round, use the elipse selection shape.
    • Click on the image to make the selection
    • Copy the selection to a new Photoshop file
    • If you are doing multiple photo frames, copy the different images into one Photoshop file
    • Print the images from the file
  3. Cut the images out and slip them into the frames

Resin-embedded Photo Frame

The resin protects the photo from being damaged by water, or falling out. It also looks really pretty.



  1. Apply decoupage to the photos (before cutting them out) back and front, using the flat paint brush. Apply two layers on each side. Allow to dry before applying 2nd coats.
  2. Cut out images to fit photo frames, using a small scissors.
  3. Make sure the photos fit insde the frames propery.
  4. Adhere the photos to the frames as follows:
    • Coat the backs of the photos with decoupage and the flat inset area of the frame (where the photo will be placed
    • Place the photos inside the frame
    • Press down evenly on the photo to make sure it sticks to the frame well, especially along the edges.
    • Apply decoupage on top of the photo inside the frame, making sure to get decoupage well into the edges. This is to make sure that the resin doesn't seep into the paper and discolor it.
  5. Pour the resin.
  6. Here are the basic steps I used:
    • Clear off an area to do your work. Make sure this area has good ventilation. I did mine on the counter in front of the kitchen window. Also, make sure no one will disturb this area for a few days.
    • Put wax paper down on the area where you will be pouring the resin.
    • Put all your supplies together near the work surface
    • Put on gloves
    • Remove lock from resin syringe applicator (if it has one. Mine did, but I didn't realize it until after I cut the tips off the resin applicator and the resin didn't come out well...).
    • Cut tips of resin syringe off. (When I did this, a little fluid leaked out. So make sure that you are wearing gloves, and working over the wax paper.)
    • Push out resin fluids into the small plastic cup. Just push out a little more than enough to cover your photo frames. If the frames are deep, you'll have to do it in two applications because the resin should be poured in 1/8" each time. Save some resin (unmixed) for the 2nd application.
    • Using the popsicle sticks, mix the resin for two minutes, being sure to scrape the sides of the cup as you mix. (use the timer)
    • Let the resin sit for 5 minutes to allow air bubbles to dissipate (use the timer)
    • After waiting 5 mintues, I used the straw to gently blow over the remaining air bubbles.
    • Slowly draw up the resin into the pipette
    • Slowly drip the resin onto the photos inside the frames. Only fill the frame to about 1/8".
    • Cover the frames with a plastic shoe box, and allow to dry for about 6-9 hours
    • Once dry, apply a second layer of resin if needed. Some of my frames were deep and needed a second layer, and some were very shallow, and were fine with one layer.
    • When finished pouring the resin, allow to cure for 3 days.

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