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How to Make a Wire Bangle Bracelet with Message Charms


This wire bangle bracelet is fun way to wear your favorite charms. You can also pick a sweet little phrase charm to add to your bracelet. For color, add your birthstone or favorite color of stone or crystal. These bracelets are fun to make at parties or give as gifts to friends and family.


Expandable Wire Bangle

Inspirational Message Charms

Birthstone Charm

Mixed Charms

Jump Rings with Jewelry Pliers


  1. If you have the wire bangle with the ball, unscrew the ball so that you can slide on the charms.
    If you have the wire bangle with no ball, you can slide the charms through the coil.
  2. If your charms do not have a small metal ring (jump ring) to attach them to the bracelet, you will need to attach a jump ring to the charm, as follows:
    • Use the jump ring opener tool and pliers to open a jump ring.
    • Attach the opened jump ring to a charm.
    • Then hook it onto the wire bangle.
    • Use the jewelry pliers to close the jump ring, securing the charm to the bangle.
  3. If your charms do have a jump ring, simply string the charm onto the bangle either by unscrewing the ball or by sliding it around the coil wound portion of the wire bangle.
  4. You can add as many charms as you would like!

This bracelet is a great handmade gift for someone you care about in your life, to whom you'd like to motivate, inspire, or just show your love.

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