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How to make a personalized necklace with initial and birthstone


This DIY necklace is fun and easy to make for yourself and/or for someone special as a gift. My 8yo daughter made one, with my help, for herself and another one for her good friend.


Round necklace charm with your initial

Round birthstone charm

Stainless Steel link chain with lobster clasps and jump rings

Jewelry Pliers and Wire Cutter Set


  1. Measure the chain around your neck to determine the length that you want the necklace to be.
  2. Using the jewelry wire cutter, cut the chain to the desired length.
  3. Slide the birthstone and inital charms onto the chain.
  4. Using the needle-nose pliers, open a jump ring (that came with the chain).
  5. Hook the jump ring onto the link on the left end of the necklace chain.
  6. Use the needle nose pliers to close the jump ring.
  7. Open another jump ring.
  8. Hook it onto a lobster clasp (that came with the chain).
  9. Then hook it to the link at the right end of the necklace chain.
  10. Close the jump ring.

Using these supplies and steps, you can make some really pretty necklaces with your birthstone or favorite gemstone. You can also add additional charms onto the necklace, as my daughter did. She actually wanted to add even more charms, but I thought it would overload the chain. With the left-over chain, you can make many other necklace, bracelet, and even anklet styles.

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