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How to make a charm bracelet


Pick out your own charms, and put together a customized charm bracelet. This is a fun family activity on rainy days or evenings after dinner. It is also fun for girls' playdates and birthday parties. Every charm bracelet turns out unique for each person as they choose their favorite charms out of a huge selection.


Mixed set of charms

Chain link bracelet

Jump Rings with Jewelry Pliers


  1. Pick out several of your favorite charms from the mix.
  2. Use the jump ring opener tool to open a jump ring.
  3. Attach the opened jump ring to a charm.
  4. Then hook it onto the desired link on the bracelet chain.
  5. Use the jewelry pliers to close the jump ring, securing the charm to the chain.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you have the desired amount of charms on your bracelet chain.

Wear your customized charm bracelet with pride. Each charm represents a part of your personality!

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