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Make your own Jewelry

It's pretty simple to make your own jewelry. Craft stores now carry so many beautiful beads and findings. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

Recent Creations

Turquoise Necklace


I have a few dresses that look a little simple and cry out for accessories. Since they are mono-colored, I thought a bright blue turquoise necklace would be a stunning addition to the outfits. So I found some great turquoise beads, strung them on a wire with some clear glass beads to give it some sparkle. I added a matching turquoise pendant for a dramatic effect. Crimped the ends and used a lobster claw clasp to finish it off. That simple, huh? And I can't be more pleased with the outcome.

I like it so much that I am inspired to make more. I tend to get a little ambitious with crafts, but I am dying to make another turquoise necklace with a red coral focal, to make it pop. I also want to make a red coral necklace with a red coral rose in the center. As well as amethyst and aventurine necklaces. How can you go wrong with such beautiful stones?


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