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Make your own Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are my favorite type of earrings to make! There are a variety of shapes and styles you can make just by altering the chandelier components and using different colors of beads.



  1. String the beads onto the head pins
  2. Curve each beaded head pin into a small ring close to the beads using round-nose pliers
  3. Cut off the excess head pin with wire cutting pliers
  4. Hook the beaded head pins onto the chandelier component
  5. Close the rings on the head pins using flat-nose pliers
  6. Open the ring on two earring hooks just a tad
  7. Hook each chandelier component onto an earring hook, being sure that you orient it properly if the chandelier component has a back and a front face.
  8. Close the ring on each earring hook using flat-nose pliers

Chandelier Earrings I have made

Green Crystal Chandelier Earrings Red Chandelier Earrings

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