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All In One Piano Lessons

My dad, the musician and music teacher, started our kids out with the All-In-One Piano Lessons series. It is a great series of piano books for a small child to begin learning piano. I have recorded videos of our children playing each song once they mastered it. You too can help your child learn to play piano using these books. You can watch these videos to see the progression of difficulty in the books. And it may also help you and your child get through the lessons together. You may not even need to get a piano teacher!

All-In-One Piano Book A

This is the first book of the series. It is great for a Kindergartener to start the book. It teaches mostly rythm, note and measure counts, progression of notes. But there is no formal musical staff, or serious note reading. The notes are labeled with finger numbers. The introduction of actual note names comes much later in the book. It is also an easy book for non-musical adult to learn and help their child through. There are musical tracks that go with the book. You can download them for free when you purchase the book. The musical tracks include a piano playing of each song, played slowly. It also includes a secondary track for each song that is an accompaniment (background music) for the student to play along with. I've been using this accompaniment/performance track in our video recitals.

All-In-One Piano Book B

Book B introduces the musical staff, where real notes are used, not just finger numbers. However, finger numbers are still added to some notes to cue the student which fingers to use to play the notes. Our 7 year old daughter just completed this book.

Go For the Gold

All-In-One Piano Lessons Book C

Our 7 year old daughter just started Book C. I love this book. It is introducing the student to playing with both hands simultaneously rather than taking turns on each hand. The songs are starting to be recognizable songs, too. The first one is "Ode to Joy" taken from Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

Updated 7/3/2018
This book contains some very beautiful melodies for the child to learn. I really enjoy listening to our daughter practice these pieces. They sound like *real* piano pieces!

Below is the video playlist of pieces she has mastered so far:

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