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Attack of the Sour Patch Kids

I've been trying to lose my baby weight for a while. Not trying too overly hard, but still trying. I've been working out for 30 mins 3-5 times a week doing My Fitness Coach for the Wii as well as other workout videos. And I've been taking Green Coffee Bean Extract. I also reduced my meal portions by quite a bit. I owe this mostly to the green coffee bean extract pills because before them, I could not for the life of me decrease my meal portions. I would just pig out. Now I notice I eat significantly less for each meal. I actually started to lose a few pounds in a couple weeks.

But suddenly I got this terrible sweet tooth and have been craving and eating tons of sour sugar coated gummies, like Sour Patch Kids. I have been eating those or other candies I can find in the closet, that have been there untouched since last Halloween. Why this sudden sweet tooth? I don't know... But I hope I get over it soon. I haven't really gained weight during the last couple weeks of the sweet tooth indulgences, but I feel chunkier, especially around my torso and double-chin area.

Bellydance Cardio Workout DVD

I've been a gym slacker again. I guess it's just been so hard for me to get the kids out the door that I only do it if I have to, like taking them to a playdate or grocery shopping. Plus they don't seem to like going to the daycare at the gym. They whine and cry and don't want to be left there.

So I've been making an effort to work out at home in the mornings again, like I used to, what seems like so many years ago, but really probably 2-1/2. I've broken out all my old workout DVDs, and found that I might have to add to that collection. I love Karen Voight Workout DVDs and have been them for years. Most of my DVD workouts are by Karen Voight, but a few of them are different instructors.

Today I tried a new workout that I bought a while back. After a few strength training workouts and then a stretching one, I figured I was ready for a cardio workout. It is called Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Slim Down. I have to say, I really liked it a lot. It was not too hard but did make me sweat. And I love doing bellydance. It makes me feel feminine and stretches out my hips and torso like nothing else. I've taken some bellydance classes in the past and always enjoyed them.

This cardio workout DVD is something fun and different than most cardio workouts. It is mostly low impact with a few higher impact hops that they add in. It is perfect for me starting to get back into working out. The moves are pretty simple and approprite for a beginner or someone like me who has done some bellydance in the past. As I get better, I might try other bellydance workout DVDs, too.

If I can keep up working out at home, I think I'm going to cancel my gym membership. The gym seems to have decreased their benefits and increased their fees. It is just hard to wake up before the kids in order to do my workouts. I still sleep with them, so I have to quietly sneak out of the bed. And one or both of them wakes up shortly thereafter when they realize I'm not there. And doing a workout with a toddler around is nearly impossible. I become their jungle gym, where they climb and jump all over me. 

This bellydance workout DVD is about 30 minutes long, which is the maxiumum amount of time I usually have for a workout before the kids wake up. I also have a few of those 10 Minute Solution workout DVDs that would work for my time constraint, too. They usually have a few 10 minute sessions on the DVD that you can do in sequence, depending on how much time and energy you have.

Peppermint Tea for Coughs

I'm still running through the tail end of this cough. I bought some peppermint tea, which works really well at supressing my coughs and soothing my throat. It's just that I have to keep drinking it. After having a couple different long lasting colds, back to back, my body is getting so tired of coughing. I have had such bad coughing fits that I've thrown up from the stomach compression. I've hurt my throat so badly from coughing so much and so frequently.

That's when I finally gave up and decided to take some cough medicine (I had been avoiding it, since I'm breastfeeding). And finally, I have sprained my ribs or pulled some ab muscles/tendons 3 times, in 3 different places, due to coughing so much. I'm so ready to be done with this cough. A friend of mine used to warn me about catching a different viral cold while you are trying to get over one. I didn't realize how much of a pain it is!

Humidifier for Coughs

We've all been suffering from a bad cough cold the past couple three weeks. I hadn't been taking any cold medicine because I'm breastfeeding. But last week I got desperate. My throat became so sore all the way down to my chest. So the doctor said that taking Mucinex DM would be fine. I also went in and got some Tessalon Perles. They seemed to work somewhat. The doc also said to use a humidifier.

I was a little skeptical about using the humidifier because we had used it in the past but didn't really see much benefit. Plus we live in a humid climate. However, every morning I have this strong urge to take a shower because I'm so congested (nose and chest). I noticed that the humidity from the shower stopped my cough attacks for a little while.

So I finally decided to have hubby break out the humidifier again. This time crank it up to be somewhat close to shower humidity. Not just the measley 45% that we've always used in the past. This time I slept with it up to 75-80%. And that did the trick. I didn't get up the 2-3 times at night with a coughing fit and have to go take meds, cough drops, honey, or sit upright. I also noticed my chest felt a lot more loosened up and less congested. My coughs were much fewer and much more productive when I did cough. Wow, I'm sold.

Since I slept all night that way, the effects seem to be pretty long lasting. Using the humidifier in conjunction with the cough meds seems to be a great solution for me. That and drinking honey with tea all day long, too.  We use the Heaven Fresh humidifier. It's been really great. It gives you the temp as well as the % humidity. It has nice controls to set the %, warm/cold, etc.

Pot Handle Burn

I've got a couple of oven-safe Calphalon skillets, which I was just going to replace, since the are getting old. But I had an incident with one a few days ago. After searing the lamb chops on the skillet on the stove top, I put the skillet in the oven and let them bake at 400 degrees. When I took it out, I was careful to use oven mits, of course. But just seconds later, I grabbed the skillet handle with my bare hand and got quite a burn.

I ran my hand under cold water for what seemed like 5 minutes or so. When I looked at them, they were whitish, where the burns were. Across the middle of my hand, the base of my fingers as well as the tips. I had my husband (thank God he was home) puree an aloe vera leaf and put it in a plastic bag. I soaked my hand in that for a while. It felt really good. But after a couple hours or so, I went into urgent care because I dried it, tried to bandage it, and it was hurting!

By the time I got out of urgent care, it was stinging only a little bit. They said it was just a first degree burn and bandaged it up a bit. By the next morning, it felt a lot better. Still tender in the worst (most burnt) parts but much better. Today is the third day, and I'm almost back to normal. It still feels a little sensitive when I squeeze something really hard or carry something heavy but not bad.

I would have thought this would bother me for a couple of weeks and that I wouldn't be able to take care of my baby and toddler with this. But surprisingly it healed much more quickly than I thought it would. I wonder if it is because I soaked it in the pureed aloe vera leaf for 2 hours. 

I got some emu oil to put on it just to get the skin to go back to normal. The worst parts look a little like caluses. The dermatologist told me anyway that moisturized skin heals faster. So hopefully it works well.

Needless to say, I probably won't be doing any stove-to-oven cooking anymore... 

Gym Slacker

I've only been able to make it to the gym once or twice a week. I've been able to do my home work outs on some of the other days. But I'd really like to get to the gym more often. I've been doing my home work outs in the morning before Bel wakes up. That's been working out fine, but I would prefer to use that time to do something else, like write these blogs, work on some scrapbooking, or do a little reading. Then I could go to the gym after she wakes up, and let her play in their day care.

But it seems like I've been so booked most other days of the week, with prenatal appointments, play dates with friends, story time at the library, shopping, or taking Bel swimming. And lately, I've been running errands, preparing for her birthday party. Next thing you know, Baby J will be born, and then it's off from the gym for 2 months until he's old enough to go to their day care.

My training sessions at the gym have been going really well. I am fortunate that they have a couple of trainers that do prenatal fitness. It's been helping my back feel better, and I feel good about getting stronger in my core so that I can hopefully have an easy delivery and be strong enough to lug that heavy infant carrier all over the place! 


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