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Foam Rolling

I kept getting talked into foam rollers by my trainer and chiropractor. Now I can't live without it.. I foam roll my back every morning. A big part of it is to stretch out my arms and chest after being in a curled up sleeping position all night. It's a great way to open up the posture.

Another huge reason I foam roll is to massage the kinks out of my back and shoulders. Ever since I turned 30, those kinks love to resurface as gravity pulls my posture into a pain-inducing slouched position. The foam roller helps with this immensely!

I got a foam roller from my chiropractor for about $25. It felt good for a long while. Until I borrowed my brother's foam roller at his house. It was a lot harder and more dense. Boy did that massage those kinks in my back. He told me he got it from Amazon. So my hubby got one for me, and lo and behold, angels singing, it works wonders. I'd be lost without my foam roller. It is a wonderful way to wake up the body in the morning, with a great stretch and back massage!

I use the foam roller every morning. I love to lie down on it on the floor and roll side to side to get a nice back massage. And then stretch my arms out to the side and up to get an amazing stretch.

Spread Your Toes

It was winter time, almost Christmas. Riding boots were all the rage. My friend comes over  for a visit and leaves her boots next to the front door. I hear zzzzzip and zzzip. Then she walks into the living room. Something catches my eye.

Rainbow feet with ten rainbow toes are padding around my living room floor. She is wearing those weird colorful toe socks from the 60s. But hey, if she likes them, then more power to her. I got her a couple extra pairs for Christmas that year.

Fun Toe socksLittle did I know I would be padding around with similar weird socks sometime in the future. But fast forward a few years back to the present. And it's all I wear now. I haven't treated myself to a rainbow pair yet, but black toe socks are my jam.

I used to always get that feeling after wearing socks all day, especially tights, where my toes are uncomfortably squished together. Getting the socks off at the end of the day was always such a relief. I never thought there was any other way.

Until I started wearing yoga toe socks. I notice how great my toes feel in those. No squishing. Just comfortably letting them spread out as needed. I wear those all day and my toes still feel totally free.

I realize that I can get plain black toe socks without any frills or rainbows. They feel like a dream. My shoes all fit me just the same as with regular socks. These socks are so comfortable, I even sleep with them on after putting on foot cream. This type of sock could also be helpful for people with bunions, as it allows the toes to spread out rather than pushing the big toe inward. I wear a women's 6 in shoes, and these Fun Toes socks fit me perfectly.

I do get a few comments or weird glances every now and then when people see me sans ankle boots (which is all the rage now) and these toe socks on. But I do think they will catch on. Beside, people have been wearing toe shoes more and more. Why not toe socks?

Yoga Socks and Gloves

Morning yoga and exercises may be the last frontier where I can experience peace and solitude without the pitter patter chitter chatter of little munchkins. It is a time to enjoy the silence, listen to my thoughts, and do some self-care. I wake up as early as I can tolerate, while the kids are still at least in REM sleep.

But the living room is cold and puts a damper on the peaceful solitude. I turn up the house heat, but my feet are still cold. I put on some socks, get on my yoga mat, and go into downward dog. My feet start slipping. I'm sliding into flat dog. My socks are off, and they're sticking to my mat. Sigh... better crank up the heat even higher.

One day, I go online and find the weirdest-looking things that I would be totally embarrassed to be seen in. Yoga socks with non-slip grips at the bottom. With grippies for each toe! I order them, and they are here in two days. I may not look as tough during the warrior poses with pink grippy toe socks, but I'm warm and my triangle pose stays triangular.

Not long after several warm-toes-yoga routines, a new problem started to arise... I was foam rolling on the living room floor and my hands got so cold. I put on my weight lifting gloves and and felt more comfortable. But when it came time for downward dog, I quickly found the weight-lifting gloves sliding off the mat. So needless to say, I found non-skid yoga gloves that double as dumbell gloves for me. And now, hands and feet are all cozy during cold morning yogalates.

I did add one trick with these yoga socks and gloves for a little self-pampering. Right before donning the socks and gloves, I put on a little lotion to seal in the moisture. Namaste.

Attack of the Sour Patch Kids

I've been trying to lose my baby weight for a while. Not trying too overly hard, but still trying. I've been working out for 30 mins 3-5 times a week doing My Fitness Coach for the Wii as well as other workout videos. And I've been taking Green Coffee Bean Extract. I also reduced my meal portions by quite a bit. I owe this mostly to the green coffee bean extract pills because before them, I could not for the life of me decrease my meal portions. I would just pig out. Now I notice I eat significantly less for each meal. I actually started to lose a few pounds in a couple weeks.

But suddenly I got this terrible sweet tooth and have been craving and eating tons of sour sugar coated gummies, like Sour Patch Kids. I have been eating those or other candies I can find in the closet, that have been there untouched since last Halloween. Why this sudden sweet tooth? I don't know... But I hope I get over it soon. I haven't really gained weight during the last couple weeks of the sweet tooth indulgences, but I feel chunkier, especially around my torso and double-chin area.

Bellydance Cardio Workout DVD

I've been a gym slacker again. I guess it's just been so hard for me to get the kids out the door that I only do it if I have to, like taking them to a playdate or grocery shopping. Plus they don't seem to like going to the daycare at the gym. They whine and cry and don't want to be left there.

So I've been making an effort to work out at home in the mornings again, like I used to, what seems like so many years ago, but really probably 2-1/2. I've broken out all my old workout DVDs, and found that I might have to add to that collection. I love Karen Voight Workout DVDs and have been them for years. Most of my DVD workouts are by Karen Voight, but a few of them are different instructors.

Today I tried a new workout that I bought a while back. After a few strength training workouts and then a stretching one, I figured I was ready for a cardio workout. It is called Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Slim Down. I have to say, I really liked it a lot. It was not too hard but did make me sweat. And I love doing bellydance. It makes me feel feminine and stretches out my hips and torso like nothing else. I've taken some bellydance classes in the past and always enjoyed them.

This cardio workout DVD is something fun and different than most cardio workouts. It is mostly low impact with a few higher impact hops that they add in. It is perfect for me starting to get back into working out. The moves are pretty simple and approprite for a beginner or someone like me who has done some bellydance in the past. As I get better, I might try other bellydance workout DVDs, too.

If I can keep up working out at home, I think I'm going to cancel my gym membership. The gym seems to have decreased their benefits and increased their fees. It is just hard to wake up before the kids in order to do my workouts. I still sleep with them, so I have to quietly sneak out of the bed. And one or both of them wakes up shortly thereafter when they realize I'm not there. And doing a workout with a toddler around is nearly impossible. I become their jungle gym, where they climb and jump all over me. 

This bellydance workout DVD is about 30 minutes long, which is the maxiumum amount of time I usually have for a workout before the kids wake up. I also have a few of those 10 Minute Solution workout DVDs that would work for my time constraint, too. They usually have a few 10 minute sessions on the DVD that you can do in sequence, depending on how much time and energy you have.

Peppermint Tea for Coughs

I'm still running through the tail end of this cough. I bought some peppermint tea, which works really well at supressing my coughs and soothing my throat. It's just that I have to keep drinking it. After having a couple different long lasting colds, back to back, my body is getting so tired of coughing. I have had such bad coughing fits that I've thrown up from the stomach compression. I've hurt my throat so badly from coughing so much and so frequently.

That's when I finally gave up and decided to take some cough medicine (I had been avoiding it, since I'm breastfeeding). And finally, I have sprained my ribs or pulled some ab muscles/tendons 3 times, in 3 different places, due to coughing so much. I'm so ready to be done with this cough. A friend of mine used to warn me about catching a different viral cold while you are trying to get over one. I didn't realize how much of a pain it is!


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