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Winter Goth Hair

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Winter Goth HairI just got my hair colored again. I got it dyed back to my natural color, plus got some red highlights. It looks very wintery. I was trying to go a little more autumn, but I think I look a little like a goth witch. I didn't realize that my natural color was so dark... And the red that the stylist used is more of a violet. So it looks a little intense.

I've had to change eyeshadows because the ones I had been using didn't seem to go with my dark hair color. I was using a smokey purple eyeshadow set that I loved with my browner colored hair. But now with the black hair, I had to switch to a lighter, more plummy purple set. That seems to soften my look.

I also had the stylist apply the new Redken hair conditioning shots: the Color Extender and the All Soft. I must admit that my hair looked like it was in great condition after the process. But now it's almost too soft. My clips and rubber bands slip out of my hair, and I feel like I have a lot less body near my roots. I guess I can't really get hair near my roots conditioned, otherwise it just gets too flat. I have to use spray body volumizers in order to get any kind of lift back.

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