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Scalp Spray for Growth and Extra Body

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AG Hair Spray BodyI have been using AG Hair Spray Body for around a year now. I have tried other brands of hair volumizers and root boosts, like Paul Mitchell's Daily Boost spray. But none could compare to this AG Hair product. What first caught my attention was the list of ingredients. AG Hair Spray Body contains many ingredients that I've read can improve hair growth, like Nettle, Hops, Rosemary, Panthenol, wheat protein, and amino acids, to name a few.

Well, I thought, it would be a plus to grow more hair, since having very little hair is the reason for my using Spray Body. I've had lots of hair growth and a lot less hair loss while using this hair volumizer. It really seems to have long term health benefits for my hair, in addition to the immediate volume it gives my hair.

I usually spray this product all around my hair roots. Then I blow dry. It creates volume that lasts even through a hair rinsing. I've been spraying my scalp with witch hazel, rinsing, and then conditioning. The AG Hair Spray Body doesn't get completely washed out that way. And I don't have to re-apply after rinsing.

My hair is naturally straight, fine, sparse, and flat. This hair volumizing product gives my hair life that I never thought it could have. Since using this, I have actually gotten compliments on my hair. And when I see pictures of myself with this product on my hair, I'm always surprised at how much volume it has, especially for it being long.

AG Hair Spray Body is a little pricey, so I tried to switch back to Paul Mitchell's Daily Boost Spray, which is cheaper. But there was no comparison. I got the volume I wanted, but I started getting a lot of hair fallout. And it didn't work well with my dry shampoo.Needless to say, I came back to AG Hair Spray Body.

Luckily I found it on Amazon for a much better price than other places. So I continue to get it from Amazon and probably will forever.

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