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Revlon Emeryl File

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Revlon Emeryl FileI always see cute foam nail files at the store. And I have purchased some of them. They seem to file nails just fine, but after a few uses, they start to fall apart. I finally ended up getting a Revlon Emeryl File. It is a metal nail file. It is just the right size, not too big and easy to handle. It is about 5 inches long and has a nice black plastic handle to hold while filing your nails. I found myself using this nail file most of the time because all my cute foam nail boards are all bent and ripped. The metal Revlon file has definitely outlasted the foam nail files.

I have used this Revlon Emeryl File to file other things, too. Sometimes we have something like a toy or piece of costume jewelry that has a sharp metal bur sticking out. This Revlon metal file has filed it off to a nice smooth, safe surface.

I've been wearing Invisalign clear plastic teeth straighteners for over a year now. The aligners sometimes have sharp edges where the plastic scratches the inside of my mouth. This Revlon Emeryl file has been a life saver when it came to filing down the Invisaligns. What a big difference it is to have sharp scratchy trays in your mouth versus smooth trays that you hardly even notice.

I also love to paint my nails. Sometimes I get some nail polish around my cuticle or on my skin just outside my nail. I use the Revlon Emeryl file to scrape it off and wipe it on a napkin. That helps a lot to make my manicures look professional. When I've gotten my nails done at the salon, they usually use their own nails covered painted with gel coating to scrape off the excess polish they got on my skin. When you are doing your own nails with regular nail polish, you can't really do that. So this Revlon nail file is a quick and easy way to do a clean-up as you go. I used to use a nail clean-up pen. But those things dry out so fast, and they are a little awkward to use. This nail file seems to last forever and will always be there for your manicures.

Finally, this metal nail file is a also great help when you need something strong but thin to pry things open so that you don't break your nails. For all kinds of uses, the Revlon Emeryl file comes in handy to have around the house. Maybe one in each room!

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