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No7, the Light to My Dark Circles

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dark Circles Under eye bagsEver since I hit puberty, I was cursed with not only zits but dark circles and bags under my eyes. My 6th grade classmates were the first to point it out to me. So I've been wearing under eye concealer ever since I was about 12.

It wasn't until well into my adulthood that I started using eye cream that actually helps with dark circles under the eyes. I fell in love with Hydropeptide Eye Authority. This under eye treatment did wonders for my dark circles. I found myself using less and less concealer. But this stuff quickly started wearing on my budget. So I searched around for a replacement.

I tried all the eye cream samples I could get my hands on. I bought different prestige brands as well as drugstore brands. But mostly I was looking for a fairly-priced drugstore brand in order to save money. I even tried putting cold tea bags and cucumbers under my eyes, to no avail.

It has taken me about 2-3 years of trying different eye creams until I finally found something that worked. And at long last, I have found the holy grail of under eye dark circle / bags creams for me. It actually works even better than the Hydropeptide Eye Authority that I once loved.

In my search for the H.G. under eye cream, I tried to narrow down what ingredients might have been the key ones to help combat dark circles and bags. A lot of eye creams use caffeine for that, but it wasn't doing the trick for me. After much trial and error, I came up with two ingredients that appeared to lessen the dark circles and bags under my eyes: Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone and Haloxyl.

My next step was to find a decently-priced eye cream that contained these two ingredients. Around that time, a popular UK skincare brand, Boots No7, was making its way into the U.S. market and gaining popularity here quickly. No7 started coming out with different skincare product lines for different age groups of women.

I'd already been using the No7 Lift & Luminate product line. But later, they came out with a new line called  No7 Restore & Renew. I was told it was for women who were in their sixties and above. No matter, I looked at the ingredient list of that new line and found it to be pretty impressive. I checked the Restore & Renew eye cream. And lo and behold, it contained the two ingredients that I was on the hunt for. Plus a slew of other amazing ingredients, like peptides, Rosehip oil, ceramides, and more.

At around $20 for the tube, I was sold. As with all the other eye creams that I had tried, I used it diligently morning and night. After a few weeks, I noticed that my under eyes, sans concealer, were starting to look less dark. I was almost tempted to go without the concealer altogether. But I still patted on a little, just to further brighten up my under eyes.

I have been using the No7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream for months now, and I will not stray from it. The price is right, and the product works wonders for my dark circles and under eye bags. I may not be in my sixties, but I think this eye cream is tailor-made for me, plus I love to wear purple.

I won't say that my dark circles and bags are totally eradicated by this eye cream. But they are greatly improved. So much that I don't ever want to be without this eye cream. I still always wear concealer whenever I go out. And that's okay. I think that is just one of many facial flaws that I accept and deal with as best I can.

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