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Naturally Pretty Eye Shadow

Sunday, July 23, 2017

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Shadow PaletteNaturally Pretty palette All Heart colorI'm all about anti-aging peptides, and I try to get my hands on makeup containing these peptides. Luckily I found that It Cosmetics has these anti-aging peptides in a lot of their makeup in addition to their skin care products.

I love their Naturally Pretty eye shadow palettes. Not only do they have peptides, but they also contain many other anti-aging goodies, like Vitamin C, green tea, and collagen, just to name a few.

The original Naturally Pretty palette has a mix of really pretty warm and cool colors. It has a nice range of lights, mediums, and darks. The mediums are great for transition colors, to help blend the crease color. Sunrise and sunset are warm, orangey / rusty colors, which are really in right now.

My favorite color is All Heart, which is a medium mauvey-brown shade. It's an easy color to wear, when you want a cooler brown, almost lavender look on your eyes. It is nice as an allover lid and crease color, as well as a transition color. Then you can layer a little of the Transforming Pearl color on your eyelid for some shimmer.

Naturally Pretty palette All Heart colorThe Transforming Pearl is a very unique eye shadow enhancer. It adds a bit of shimmer on top of any of the matte colors in the palette. And yes, they are all matte except for the Transforming Pearl. But it makes it so easy to add just a hint of sheen to add highlight to your eyes. Or you can just go all matte, too. Change it up a bit.

Here are some pics of me wearing the All Heart color. It is very natural-looking with a bit of color to add interest. And I also patted on a little of the Transforming Pearl on my eyelid to give it extra dimension.

I also used the black color called Noir as an eyeliner. Call it lazy or what, but I've been using the black shadows that often come in eye shadow palettes as eyeliner. It's easier than opening up a separate eyeliner product. And you don't have to take time to sharpen a pencil liner.

I use the e.l.f. small smudge brush to apply the black shadow as eyeliner. I even add a little wing. I find that using shadow as eyeliner gives your eye makeup a more natural look. If you want a casual daytime look that doesn't have a harsh liquid eyeliner linesing black eyeshadow as eyeliner keeps the line soft and natural.

This palette does not come with an applicator or makeup brush. But that is totally fine with me because I always use my Ecotools Eye shadow brushes. They are so soft and gentle on my eyelids. I can blend eye shadows eternally with them.

Naturally Violet

Updated 7/24/2017

Here is a pic with Violet eye shadow all over, Transforming Pearl to accent the lid, and Noir shadow as eyeliner.

Violet Eye Shadow from Naturally Pretty Palette

Natural Sunset

Updated 7/25/2017

This is a different look I wore today with the Naturally Pretty palette. It is a warm summery look that would also be nice in the fall to match the burnt orange hues of the changing leaves. I used the following eye shadow colors from the palette:

Sunrise: overall lid color

Sunset: accent color for out corners of lid

Noir: line the eyes

Transforming Pearl: highlight on center of eyelids and above lash line

Sheer Joy: highlight on browbone

Sunrise Sunset Eye Shadow LookSunrise Sunset Eye Shadow Look

Luckily, since this Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Matte Luxe Palette has been out for a few years, you can now get it on Amazon for a better price than at makeup counters!

Natural Beigy-Brown

Updated 7/29/2017

Today I wanted really natural-looking eye makeup. So I opted for light beigy-brown colors from the Naturally Pretty palette. I also used Lancome Definicils Mascara, which gives a natural look to the lashes.

Here are the shadow colors from the Naturally Pretty palette I used in the look below:

Soft Light: A cool, light brownish-beige color. I used it as a transition color. I applied it all over the crease, and a little down into the lid inner and outer corners, all the way to just below the brow-bone.

Mocha: A cool, medium brown. I applied it to the outer corner of eye, blending into the crease and just under the brow bone.

Noir: The dark black shadow color. I used it as eyeliner and applied it above the lash line and winged it out a tiny bit.


I didn't bother to use the Transforming Pearl this time, because I was going for a more natural look. I just left the center of my eyelids above my lashes bare, with just eye primer.

Natural Smoke

Updated 7/31/2017

This is a really simple eye shadow application that I've gotten lots of compliments on. It gives you a little bit darker, more dramatic look. I just used the color Iconic from the Naturally Pretty palette to do the whole eyelid. And then I blended and blended and blended it. Iconic is a medium-dark grayish purple. It's nice for getting a smokey look that you can wear during the daytime. Not too dark or intense looking. Just naturally smokey. You can go heavier on the application to get a darker look for going out at night.

As in the above applications, I also used the eye shadow color Noir as the eyeliner.


For the mascara, I used Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.

Natural Navy

Updated 8/1/2017

Today I used the dark navy blue color called Midnight from the Naturally Pretty palette. I used it primary in the outer corner of my eyes, and also a little in the crease. I used some other colors from the palette as well. Here is the breakdown:

Warmth: used in the crease

Midnight: outer corner of eye and as eyeliner

Sunrise: center of eyelid

Transforming Pearl: on top of Sunrise to add shimmer


This dark navy blue shadow is not too bright, but adds dimension to the eye.

Mascara used was Lancome Monsieur Big.

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