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Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

Friday, July 07, 2017

Maybelline Dream Velvet FoundationI've gotten many compliments on my skin. Mostly because it is relatively smooth with very few bumps (acne). But for me, smooth skin does not come naturally, or without careful TLC. I have found that eradicating the facial enemies is half, if not 80% of the battle. The other part is keeping the intruders out.. So what does this all mean?

The true enemies of the skin are things that we are "allergic" to. By allergic, I mean things that cause bad skin reactions, like acne. I have found that most facial creams/lotions, foundations, sunscreens, blushes, and bronzers have things in them that cause acne for me. A few of them are some type of oil, talc, chemical sunscreens, and even zinc oxide. My skin is so sensitive, that the list of "allergens" goes on.

Once I discovered and eliminated those allergens from my facial applications, I found much clearer skin. I can't help but wonder if doing so would help many others who suffer from adult acne.

After trying so many foundations of so many brands, drugstore as well as prestige, I finally settled on one simple foundation that seems to do trick for me. It has a short list of ingredients and contains no facial enemies for me. In addition, it wards off intruders.

Facial intruders for me are mostly just dust and dirt in the air. This foundation seems to seal my skin nicely and protect it from those acne-causing dirt particles. The reason I know it is the foundation is because on the days I wear the foundation, my skin has much less bumps at the end of the night, when I wash my face.

In case you are wondering what this simple foundation is, it is Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation. It usually runs $9.99 or so at the store, but I have found it cheapest on Amazon. This foundation is medium coverage. It contains sodium hyaluronate to hydrate the skin. I have found it to be a little incompatible with some facial moisturizers I use. It tends to form a solid paste that sloughs off my face and prevents proper blending of the foundation. So I just use the foundation by itself, and it goes on smooth and keeps my skin sufficiently hydrated.

There is a blending sponge-on-a-stick tool Maybelline created especially for the Dream Velvet Foundation. But I get great results just blending with my fingers. The formula is dries quickly, so you have to blend quickly.

I do use a little bit of powder around my oily areas. The foundation goes on matte-looking. But after some time, it melds into my skin and looks very natural and a bit dewy. The formula contains synthetic fluorographite, which adds a subtle glow and highlight to cheekbones, forehead, etc. I think it is really pretty and have had a hard time finding a foundation that has that effect without being too glisteny.

I have also had a hard time finding a foundation that is as good for my skin as the Dream Velvet. Many other foundations contain an oily chemical or natural oil to help make the foundation more spreadable. Those things give me acne. Dream Velvet Foundation is not as spreadable, but it is worth the trade-off for healthy skin.

Speaking of healthy skin, on the mornings after using the Dream Velvet Foundation, my skin is so healthy-looking. My pores are smaller, my skin is more evenly hydrated, without dry patches that I would normally have had, and just smoother and more rejuvinated. Believe me, I have occasionally switched to a different foundation, just to try, or used a higher SPF makeup, and found my skin paying for it the next morning.

But with Dream Velvet, my skin is rewarded for using it. I think of it as a skin care item now, and I even use it on stay home days, just to continue taking care of my skin.

I know everyone's skin is different. But if you can't seem to calm that acne down, then it might be worth a try. My skin, like most, changes shades from summer to winter. So I buy two colors of the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation and mix them together to achieve the perfect shade all year long. My skin tone is on the yellow or golden side. So I use Natural Beige 75 (a light-medium golden) and Caramel 92 (a deeply tanned golden).

In the winter, I squeeze a small amount of the Natural Beige onto my finger and a tiny smidgen of Caramel. I rub the two together onto my face, and the color fits me perfectly. In the summer, I go a little heavier on the Carmel, and I get a combination that matches my summer tan nicely.

Updated 7/24/2017

Here are before makeup and after makeup pics:

Bare Face

Bare face without foundation

Dream Velvet Foundation

Dream Velvet Foundation

This makeup has evened out and smoothed the skin, matted out some shine, and covered some dark spots / freckles.

The long term skincare effects of this foundation make it priceless.

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