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Levi's 710 Super Skinny Jeans

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Levis 710 Super Skinny JeansI didn't even think to look on Amazon for my favorite Levi's jeans. I've mostly been getting them from Macy's when there's a sale. However, I don't always know when that is. Amazon seems to have a perpetual sale on them, cheaper than Macy's. So I went ahead and got some this time. They were great. Same quality, tags, and everything.

I got a beautiful black color called Secluded Echo. Lately, I have found that the Levi's 711 Skinny jeans and 710 Super skinny jeans fit me better than any other jeans I've tried. They have quite a bit of stretch in them, so they are actually very forgiving and flattering. I am not my slim, fit self that I used to be prior to having kids. My flab fluctuates depending on my appetite, the time I have available to work out, and my will-power. These Levis have been with me for most of my post baby years (differnet sizes of course) and never failed.

I would say I'm a little more bottom and thigh heavy these days. These jeans do not gap in the back. They are very fitted but comfortable. I have even been known to do yoga in them. The black pair that I just got are my substitute for black leggings. With my physique, I do not look good in thin black stretchy leggings at all. These black jeans give support where its needed as well as stretch. They hold me in a bit, but also let me breathe. I am about 5' and 103lbs. I fit a size 24S in the 711 jeans, a 25R or 26S in the 710 jeans.

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