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Labor Day Shoe Shopping

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I admit, I spent Labor Day shoe shopping. I found some more mommy shoes for the fall and winter. I've decided that I really like some of Aerosoles sandals for the summer. The ones with the plush suede cushiony soles. But as far as fall and winter shoes, not many of their shoes are real leather, so they don't have as much give around the toes and stuff. The soles are comfy, but the rest is not so much.

So I decided to try Clarks shoes for the fall and winter. They all seem to be leather, and decent prices, too. Many of them have cushy soles as well. This weekend, I bought a pair of Clarks Rosabelle ankle boots at the outlet mall. I tried them on at the store, and they felt like I was putting on cushy snowboots. But they are cute with a relatively low and stable mommy heel. Online they got good reviews, too.

But in all of honesty, if I wasn't pregnant with also a toddler to run around after, I would have opted for a more sleek style of boot, like the Clark's Kathleen Sallee Ankle Boot in black leather. It has a little higher and pointier heel. And for a pretty pump, I would go for the Clarks Priscilla Renee T-Strap Pump. So pretty with the flower detail and the nicely shaped heel. Also, I realized that I need to wear either Mary Janes or T-Strap pumps because otherwise my heel always slips out of regular pumps. It is also supposed to have a cushy sole. It also comes in a cool grey metallic color. I would prefer it in black for simplicity's sake. But for something different, I might not mind that pewter type of color. I still would like to get these two shoes at some point to wear after the sleep deprived blurry days of the first year or so of giving birth.

But an alternative pump for the mean time would be the Clarks Sugar Plum Pump. It's got the same heel as the ankle boots that I just got. Plus an almost Mary Jane strap across the top. I'm a little iffy, I would have to try them on at the store to see if my heel would slip out, though. Interesting that they come in "flight attendant" navy. That must mean they are pretty comfortable? Probably would be great for lugging around a heavy infant car seat and chasing after a toddler. Got good reviews, too. 

As far as flats are concerned. I have been eyeing the Sketchers Dollface Mary Janes for almost a year. I thought they'd be great for taking Bel to the park once the weather starts getting chilly and I don't feel like wearing flip flops or Tevas anymore. So I finally picked these up too.

Last but not least, I needed some flat-ish boots for this winter as well. All the boots I have are high-heeled, and not really baby friendly. So I bought the Aquatalia Design Knee-High Boot in suede black. I bought these online and didn't get a chance to try them on, but I'm hoping they fit well. The description sounded great, and they look pretty nice.

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Comment By Littlethings
Wednesday, September 07, 2011 6:38 PM
Just got the Aquatalia Design Knee-High Boots today! They look great on and feel pretty comfy. They even fit my tiny calves! I can't wait to start wearing them. But we are getting a heat wave now, so it will have to wait. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the sun while we have it. Because after that it's 9 months of rain, which means, 9 months of wearing boots. These Aquatalia boots are waterproof too! Bonus :-)

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