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Kids Bath Bombs with Surprise Toy Inside

Friday, December 29, 2017

Kids Bath Bombs with Toy InsideSanta knows how much kids love to play in the bath. And he also knows that bath bombs are all the rage now. They are tons of fun for anyone, especially for our 6 year old boy. So he decided to bring him a special breed of bath bombs made especially for kids by Sky Organics.

The smells are mostly fruity and sort of candy-ish. Our kids at 6 and 8 are old enough to know not to eat them, but you might want to keep an eye on younger kids. The colors are bright and vibrant. Some of the bath balls have different swirling colors that make them look like a planet. Supercool planet bombs from outer space! They do turn the bath a fun color, which doesn't seem to stain or anything. I didn't even see a ring on the bathtub from using these!

I would say they are about 2-1/2 inches in diameter, a standard size for bath bombs that I've seen all over the stores. They are made of baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, coconut oil, and fragrance. The coconut oil leaves the kids' skin silky and moisturized, even after they dry off. It helps a lot during this cold winter season, when they heaters dry up the skin. I also like the addition of epsom salt to help relax the muscles and condition the skin. Our son had just scraped his knee, and this bath bomb did not aggravate it it at all. In fact, it seemed to sooth the abrasion.

As soon as you put the bath bomb into the water, it immediately begins to fizz and release the beautiful colors into the water. We all really get a kick out of watching it fizz. The more it fizzes, the more the water turns a fun bright color. But when all the fizzing is done and the bomb has shrunk down to nothing, a surprise toy is uncovered! This was pretty exciting to see what toy each bath bomb had hiding inside it. So far, we've used 2 of the bombs, and we got a pig-like character and a turtle-like character. Both supercute and fun to collect.

These kids' bath bombs have really amped up the excitement of bath time. And I love how the baking soda and citric acid are very gentle cleansers for the kids' skin. I worry about letting them soak in a soapy bubble bath. But these bath bombs seem to be much better and gentler for their skin. I think a box of these would make a great little surprise for your bath lover. Or maybe even be a incentive for the non-lover of baths.

Update 1/21/2018

Our son has used up all 6 of the bath bombs. They were such a thrill for him that said he no longer wants to take a bath without them. Luckily, Daddy convinced him to take a bubble bath. "Oh, okay," our son grunted, concedingly. 

Needless to say, he loved these bath bombs and wants to use his allowance to buy more.

BTW, those little surprise toys ended up being little Pokemon characters. Our son was bummed that he didn't get Pikachu. He is hoping he might get them in the next box of bath bombs.

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