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I Heart this Maxi Dress

Monday, August 07, 2017

Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion I usually don't wear maxi dresses. I find them to be a tripping hazard when running after children. Plus I'm short, and most maxi dresses are too long for me.

That said, while on my Derek Heart dress kick, I came across this Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion. After reading the reviews, I decided I would take a chance on it. Pleasantly surprised, it worked for me. In fact, I got some compliments on it. I had to wear the highest heels I have just so I don't trip on them. But luckily they are comfortable platform wedges.

I usually get a size Medium in Derek Heart dresses and tops. But because I wanted the best chance of this dress fitting me in the length, I got a small. And I think that was the right choice. The dress is made of synthetic fabric, which does not shrink, unlike the other Derek Heart dresses I've bought, where the Medium size shrinks down to a good size for me. I am 5ft 105lbs, and the size Small fits fine.

Strappy sundresses always pose the challenge of what bra to wear that won't muddy up the look. I didn't have a navy blue bra at the time of this photo (I've since purchased one). So I tried on a nude bra and a black one with a racerback bra converter clip for the back. But neither of them looked good.

So I opted for pasties. It did the trick, but it didn't do much for my form. It was the lesser of evils that day. Luckily the dress has a nice busy print that can distract from the lack of form.

I love the lacy racerback style of the back of this maxi dress. I loved how there were no bra straps to clutter up the look of it. I chose to wear my hair in an updo, partially to showcase the back of the dress, and also because it was a hot day. Wearing my hair down makes me sweat too much. Braids, ponies, and updos have been my hairy friends this summer.

The dress also has nice slits at the bottom on both sides. I think this adds a little extra flair to an already pretty dress. It also helps with the stride, so you're not shuffling around like a geisha. Although, I did feel a little like a geisha in this dress that day. It does seem to have an Oriental flair to it. And with my hair up, I just needed a little wisteria flower draping from the bun. But a traditional geisha would be scoffed at for the little bit of shin that shows in the slits.

BTW, If you haven't watched the drama Memoirs of a Geisha, I highly recommend it. I never really understood what a geisha truly was until watching this movie. Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon does an amazing job at portraying the main geisha character and pulling at your heart strings.

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