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How to Make Liquid Foundation

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I have been searching for a good liquid foundation for myself. After having kids and turning 40, my skin has become dry but prone to breakouts. So it has been really hard to find skincare products and foundations that work for me. I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation, which was a little too drying and the salicylic acid was too much for my dry areas. I used Maybelline Dream Airbrush foundation, and found it too oily looking on my skin. I tried MaryKay Timewise foundations and found them to be too drying or too shiny as well. I also tried Laura Mercier BB, which didn't have enough coverage. And Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation, which was too thick and cakey-looking.

So I finally decided to formulate my own liquid foundation. I took the mineral powder foundation I made and mixed it with my favorite face moisturizer and added a little grapeseed oil to it to make it more emollient. The first time I tried it, it was not enough coverage, kind of like a BB cream. So I made it again, this time adding a little more mineral powder. This time I got great coverage. Not so much that it looked caked on, but enough so that it made my face look more even toned. It has the perfect balance of matte and moisture. I just dust a little of Mally's Skin Finisher (a silica powder) to my T-zone, and I'm good for the rest of the day. Mind you, it is just barely spring now, and by summer, this may not be enough oil control for me, so I'll have to re-evaluate in the summer. I usually just stick to mineral powder foundation during the summer, but my skin has been changing the past few years, so we'll see.

Here is the recipe for liquid powder foundation:

1-1/2 tsp Mineral Powder Foundation

1 Tbsp Facial Moisturizer (I use a claryifying serum, which is mostly aloe juice and jojoba oil with a few added anti-aging ingredients)

1/4 tsp Grapeseed Oil (without this, I found the mixture to be too chalky, but this smooths it out nicely)

Make sure to mix it well with a mini whisk so you don't get little globs of powder, it makes for an uneven coverage.

I place it in a 15mL airless pump bottle because it seems to come out very well that way. You can use a larger bottle once you get your recipe perfected and make bigger batches. I use a smalll spatula or butter knife to transfer the foundation to the bottle.

You may have a tweak the recipe, like add more or less of each ingredient, depending on how much coverage you want, and how moisturizing you want it. More powder if you want more coverage, and then you may also need a tiny bit more grapeseed oil, since more powder makes it more chalky.

This liquid foundation is perfect for me for everyday use. It has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for sun protection, too. But I will still wear a hat if I am sitting out in the sun for a long time.

I was thinking for going out, I may want a little more luminous formula, with maybe a little more coverage. So for that, I would add a tad bit more mica to the mineral powder foundation before I mix it into the facial moisturizer. And maybe bump up the powder foundation to 1-3/4 Tbsp to get a little heavier coverage.

My next endeavor will be making a concealer for around the eyes, that hopefully doubles as an eyeshadow primer. For this, I will most likely mix my eye cream with some mineral powder foundation (with extra mica for luminosity). I'll let you know how it goes.

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Comment By LittleThings
Sunday, August 03, 2014 11:00 PM
After using this for a while, I started to notice that the product would roll off if I rubbed it in too much. I overlooked this issue because the foundation was so nice and natural-looking on. However, I determined that this was caused by the titanium dioxide that I used not being of micronized size. I used regular titanium and zinc oxides. I think if I use the micronized size it would be much better. It would blend better and not roll off my skin.

Also, I found that the zinc oxide in it, which makes it an excellent sunscreen product, causes me to break out. I have tested this theory over and over, and also used other products containing zinc oxide, and broken out.

So I can no longer use this batch that I made. But if I make liquid foundation again, I will be sure to try out micronized titanium dioxide and leave out the zinc oxide.

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