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Hiding the Thinning Hair and Bald Spots

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Batiste Divine Dark Dry ShampooEver since about 30, my hair started falling out. I've never had thick hair, but what little I had, I started to lose. I'm not sure to blame it on aging, or cell phones, or both. I have seen people I know very well to have thick hair begin to thin around the same time.

When I got pregnant, had babies, and breastfed, I had really strong, thicker, healthier hair. That lasted until the breastfeeding stopped. Then it started falling out again. It created a large thinning/balding area around my hair whorl that I became really self-conscious about. I started wearing my hair in a ponytail to hide the whorl.

It has only been recently in the past year or two that I've finally figured out what to do about the hair thinning and balding. I've taken a close look at my hair products and done tests to see what improved my hair situation and what made it worse. I found that using a variety of products like witch hazel, aloe, plankton, and peptides really helped to keep my hair on my head. But even with holding on to what little hair I've got, I still have the large thin/balding area around my hair whorl.

I started using dry shampoo to help build volume on days when my hair gets oily. But it gave my scalp a very unnatural white cast. Weird. So I found some dry shampoo made for different colors of hair. Hallelujah! I found my solution in Batiste Dry Shampoo with a Hint of Color Divine Dark. I've tried similar colored dry shampoos of different brands. But the Batiste brand has worked the best for me. It does so much more than just dry shampoo my hair.

Good Ole Rice Starch

This colored Batiste dry shampoo contains rice starch, which most dry shampoos don't have. I have found rice starch to be a good friend to my skin and scalp. Maybe because I'm Asian, and my genes come from a long line of rice eaters. I think that the rice starch is part of what keeps my hair on my scalp. There must be some kind of protein or something in rice that keeps my skin really healthy.

A Little Bit of Sun Protection

This dry shampoo puts a thin film of this rice starch and some iron oxides (that give it the color)  on my scalp that helps protect my scalp from UV rays. I believe that any layer of opacity (hiding the skin) helps protect against some of the sun's harmful rays. Not 100% protection, but anything helps. I feel that protecting the scalp and hair follicles from UV damage keeps them healthier and keeps more hair on your head.

I'm not saying to spray this on your head and then run out to the beach hatless for hours. I still wear a hat, which is the best protection for your scalp, when I'm going to be outside for any extended length of time. But running errands, where your are intermittently out under the sun throughout the day, I definitely feel better with this dry shampoo on then leaving my scalp completely bare and exposed. It's sort of like going out without putting at least SPF 15 or some foundation on your face to shield it from some UV. This is especially important when you have sparse hair like me and there is considerable scalp exposed.

Smooth, Silky Strands

The Batiste dry shampoo also helps my hair lay down nicely around my head and gives the strands a smooth, silky look. Again, that might be from the rice starch. It just seems to give my hair from the follicles down a really nice texture and coating.

Scalp Makeup

This last benefit that I'll mention has become the most valuable of all to me. This colored dry shampoo helps cover over some of the thinning and balding spots, especially around my hair whorl. It really helps blend the hair strands into the scalp. I am so used to going out with this dry shampoo on, that on days that I don't spray it, I'm actually shocked at how thin and balding my hair looks without it.

Here are some pictures of before and after spraying on the Batiste Divine Dark Dry Shampoo:

Before Batiste Divine Dark Dry Shampoo

After Batiste Divine Dark Dry Shampoo

The Batiste Dry Shampoo with a Hint of Color Divine Dark doesn't completely cover all the balding and thinning hair areas. But it is way better than nothing. And there are other added benefits, like rice starch, some environmental protection, hair silkiness, in addition to camouflaging the exposed scalp.

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