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Green Swarovski Crystal Silver Earrings

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Green Swarovski Crystal Silver EarringsHaving a family means more time commitment, more responsibility, and less date nights. A friend of mine, after her youngest child turned 7, finally had a date night with her husband. She planned her hot outfit in advance, as well as her accessories. She took out her fancy earrings and tried them on in front of the mirror to see how they'd look with her dress. But alas, it had been so long since she'd worn earrings that the holes in her ears had closed up!

Green Swarovski Crystal Silver EarringsThe next day, she went to Claire's to endure yet again a young girl's right of passage. The ear-piercing gun! After each ear was re-pierced with a simple stud, my friend looked into the mirror at her red, throbbing earlobes. Well, she thought, she may not be able to wear the fancy pair of chandelier earrings this time, but at least it is a start to hopefully more date nights.

So I decided that I needed a new pair of earrings. Most of my fancy danglers were old and tarnished. I wanted something that had a little sparkle, but was casual enough to wear during the day, running errands. (You'll notice a pattern here, that taking the kids to dance class and running errands is the closest I come to dressing up. I get out of my jammies. That's what counts.)

I found these pretty dark green Swarovski crystal earrings. They dangle just a little enough to make me feel a just a little fancy. I love the green color. It may be genetic because there are 3 people in my family who love the color green, me being one of them. I even got a compliment from someone with a May birthday. She thought they were emeralds.

I just love to wear these earrings whether I am wearing green or not. They are a simple design but are something special to me.

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