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For G and PL Cable Knit Sweater

Friday, December 29, 2017

For G and PL SweaterThe Christmas holiday has been binge season for me. As a tradition, I made Christmas cookies with the kids. We even had a cookie decorating party with their friends. And of course, there are lots of treats and desserts all over all the stores during the holiday season. Needless to say, I wasn't really surprised when I stepped on the scale and found myself having gained a few extra pounds.

Getting into my Levis was quite a challenge. And then, once they're on, there's that sausage look. But I did get this nice sweater as a Christmas gift from one of my brothers. The brand is called For G and PL. Nothing all that catchy, but still memorable. When I put it on my wishlist, I didn't know what G and PL stood for. But when I received the sweater, the tag said "For Girls and Perfect Life". Cool, I get a nice sweater and a perfect life. What a perfect gift!

I got a size small, and it fits great. Even with my extra holiday weight! I am now 5ft 107lbs. As usual, I still wear shapewear underneath almost everything. Partially to smooth out the muffin top as well as for added warmth. Keeps the sweater a little cleaner on the inside, too.

This beige cable knit sweater is a really nice shade of beige. It is a little darker than off-white but lighter and warmer-toned than taupe. It was exactly the color I was looking for when I want to wear a light neutral color without it being stark white. The true warm-beige color is a lot more pigmented than shown in this picture.

The fabric is also really soft and comfortable. It is an all-synthetic fabric, but I think that's what makes it soft and warm, without being itchy. It is fairly lightweight, without being see-through or cheap. The knit is fine and alternates between cable and ribbed patterns. There is a nice stretch to the sweater, and it gently contours the body for a slim, but not tight fit. The crew neck is pretty close-in to the neck. It is a little tight getting it over my head, but once on, the higher neck keeps me warm.

It really is the perfect everyday sweater. I wish I had one of these sweaters in every color. But this beige color is a classic color that goes with everything. Thank you little brother for this Christmas present!

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