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Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Knock, knock.  Who's there?

Olive.  Olive who?

Olive this Derek Heart sweater!

I put a few fall sweaters on my Amazon wish list, and my husband surprised by getting me some. This olive lace-up top is the return of Derek Heart for the winter. Simple, but stylish, and pretty. It is the perfect weight for fall weather.

The fabric is part rayon and part polyester. Oops, I just washed and dried it this morning. The instructions say handwash. And it probably should have been air-dried, rather than be exposed to the hot dryer. It may have shrunk a little, or a lot, because rayon tends to do that. For some reason I must've forgotten that it has rayon in it.

This picture of this me in the Derek Heart Lace-up Sweater is taken before I washed it. Honestly I wore a shaping cami underneath because this top is clingy and rayon is not very forgiving of love handles and such.

Wearing the shaping cami underneath helped a lot. Plus it made the top a lot warmer. I always wear a cami under my tops and tuck them into my pants in the winter. It helps keep the cold drafts out of my torso. So these shaping camisoles really serve two purposes. To keep me warm, and to smooth out the bulges :-)

I chose this sweater because I thought it had a flattering cut, not too big and bulky. I like my winter tops fitted because it makes it easier to get a jacket on over them.

I also love the lace-up design of the front chest and neck area. Last year, all I wore were mostly plain long sleeve tees. And this year I thought it would be fun to wear tops with a cute front style that would show when I have my jacket unzipped.

Plus this top is a bit warmer than just a long sleeve tee. This sweater is a good weight and thickness. Not too heavy, but thick enough to be fairly warm. It is comfortable to wear, and not itchy at all.

I love this color, too. Olive is one of my favorite colors to wear. I think this top also comes in black, which is also very nice-looking.

I am 5ft 105lbs, and I got a size Medium. I will try this on tomorrow now that its been machine-washed and dried. I hope that it still fits.

After washing and drying, it still fits!

Updated 9/21/2017

Derek Heart Juniors Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Pullover SweaterI forgot to check the tag for washing instructions before I threw this into the regular wash, with all the other darks. The instructions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry. Most likely because it is 20% rayon, which is delicate and shrinks with heat. Well, I went and washed it yesterday in warm water and dried it on medium heat, as I do with most of our clothes. And yes, this lovely olive Derek Heart lace-up sweater did shrink.

But take a look at this picture. I think it actually fits better now that it has shrunk. I am a short person, with a short torso and short arms. The shrinkage actually helped decrease some of the excess fabric that was wrinkling on the torso and the arms. Phew! I was afraid I would be bursting out of it once it shrunk.

I've had this same experience with the Derek Heart dresses that I got over the summer. I tend to do well when I get a size Medium and allow it to shrink in the washer and dryer. Then it seems to fit fine, with a little breathing room.

I am wearing a shaping cami again (black this time) under this top, just to smooth things out and keep me extra warm. Our weather in the Seattle area suddenly turned cold, so I've had to start adding extra layers of clothing again.

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