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Dainty Heart Bracelet for a Dainty Wrist

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Adjustable bracelet with rhinestone heartSpiritlele Delicate Crystal Heart BangleI was wanting a bit of flair to add to my arm. I have always loved bracelets but had to take a break from them while my children were of carrying age so as not to scratch them. Now they've finally become too big for carrying. And I figured I can get back to bracelets. Unfortunately, while wearing a fake Rolex, I accidentally bumped it against our 5 year old's face. At his height, he is right at "arm" level for me.

So I am relegated to wearing lower impact, light-weight, and smooth-finished arm candy. With my wrist being super tiny, I have to find bracelets that have clasps that can adjust way down. My husband got me this Spiritlele Delicate Crystal Heart Bangle Bracelet.

This bracelet is pretty inexpensive and not real gold or anything. I'm not sure how long it will last. But it definitely fits my tiny wrist. It has a chain at the end and a lobster clasp on the other end. So you can adjust how loose or tight to make it. Some of the other reviews said that they bought this for a child as well. But I still think it is lovely, and I will wear it everywhere.

I love how the bracelet has bars around each side. They do make it look a little like a bangle. I normally cannot wear bangles because my wrist and hands are so small, that bangles usually just slip right off. It is a really pretty and unique design for dainty wrists.

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