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Cute Jackets for the Fall & Winter

Monday, March 06, 2017

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get mostly mild winters. For running errands, grocery shopping, and taking the kids to classes, I normally wear just a jacket and some ankle boots. I don't really get to show off any cute tops during this time of year.

So instead I opted to get a few different cute jackets to mix it up a bit. I got a few stylish jackets on Amazon, and they have done the trick for me this fall and winter. I opted for shorter length jackets because they seem more comfortable to run errands in, sitting in the car, etc. And being short, they seem to give the illusion of longer legs, versus the longer anorak-style parkas that go down to the thigh and visually cut off some of the legs.

I also opted for jackets with detachable hoods because it pretty much rains every other day in the winter in Seattle. The sizing for these jackets are pretty small. The styles are made short and snug. If you like a more baggy look, make sure to size up.

Denim-style faux leather jacketBlack Faux Leather JacketThe first one I got is this faux-leather faded black jacket. It has denim style pockets and a knit hoodie that can be detached. Because black goes with almost anything in the winter, this is the jacket I've worn most often. The faux leather seems to hold up to the Seattle rain pretty well. I got this in X-small, which is the size I normally get in coats and jackets. This was a little small in the hoodie and the sleeves. But other than that, it is comfortable and looks nice. I've gotten compliments on this jacket.

Bomber jacket with furry liningBomber Jacket Sage GreenI also got a sage-green bomber style jacket. This one is cotton on the outside with a sort of furry lining on the inside of the back and the hood. It is soft and comfortable. I also sewed some patches on the jacket from my dad's old Army units. That styled up the jacket a little and makes it fun to wear.

I got an X-small in this jacket as well. It seems to fit perfectly. It is a bit short on the torso. I find myself pulling it down every now and then. But i think that is just the styling on this type of jacket. I would have preferred it a little longer past the waist-line, but I still think it is a very cute and stylish jacket as it is.

Faux Suede JacketFaux Suede Jacket WineThe most recent jacket I got is a faux-suede jacket in wine. It is really special, unlike anything that I've seen before. It has a few different patterns around the outside, almost like a weaved look. The faux suede has sort of an iridescent sheen on it. At different angles, the wine color seems to have a lavender sheen.

The zipper and trim are a pretty gold. And the hoodie draw string has a gold bead with rhinestones around it. I got this in a size Small because that was the smallest they had. It fits great. Pretty snug on the belly area, but it just fits.The reason I chose this jacket is because it's unique accents give a very pretty, feminine look to a moto-style jacket.

Having a few different jackets to rotate through has made me feel like I'm not wearing the same outfit (same jacket and jeans) everyday. Sometimes its little things like jackets that make the dreary rainy winter a little more interesting.

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