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Color your roots easily

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hair dye bottle with comb applicator Hair dye comb applicator with bottleThis hair dye bottle with comb applicator makes coloring your roots much easier than trying to deal with the squirt bottle that comes with your normal hair dye kit. With the one-handed application, it is even easier than using the brush and bowl application method. This squeeze bottle with attached comb allows even distribution of the hair dye across your roots and hair lengths.

Mix your hair dye and pour it into this bottle. Part your hair and gently squeeze the bottle, running the comb applicator over your roots. Once you have saturated the section that you parted, part your hair in the next section and do the same. This comb applicator allows for easy coverage of even the back of your head, where you cannot see. Just make sure you get good saturation of hair dye in each section.

Once you have finished all the roots, move on to the remainder of your hair, using the comb applicator. For long hair, I use 2 hair dye kits to get good coverage. You will still need to put a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes and body from the dripping hair dye.

With this hair dye comb applicator, you no longer need to call your mom, sister, or best friend over to color your roots. Now you can easily do it yourself!

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