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Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Jeans in Black

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Black JeansMossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Black Jeans with Step Hem

I found these Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Jeans in black,  and they were just what I've been looking for for the Fall season.

A few years ago I used to love Target's clothes. They were well-priced and super cute and comfy. I don't know what happened, but they went through a phase where I wasn't too fond of their styles for a while.

Thankfully, just within the past few months, they must've upped their game again, and I've seen quite a few super cute styles there.

I'm 5ft and 105lbs and got these jeans in a size 0 Regular. That was all they had at the store. But online, they have these jeans in Short sizes. I wish I would've gotten that instead.

I know you can't tell in this picture because I'm wearing booties, but these jeans have a really cute frayed step hem. I think this fancy hem would have been more noticeable if the pants were shorter on me.

I actually wasn't sure how to deal with the longer hem. I didn't know whether I should tuck them into my ankle boots, or roll the hem to just above my booties? So I sort of did a combination of both. It ended up looking a bit scruffy. But I figured they were scruffy-looking jeans, so it seemed okay. But still, I would have preferred the shorter jeans.

I did get compliments on these jeans, and I am looking forward to wearing them all Fall and Winter!

I kind of feel like a Power Ranger in this outfit. Maybe I'll team up with Kimberly and Trini to destroy Rita and Goldar. 🤔  Destroyed jeans for the destroyer.

Frayed Step Hem

updated 10/4/2017

Mossimo Destroyed Jeans Step Frayed HemI was able to get a better picture here of the frayed step hem on these destroyed jeans. The frayed hem is where there is no finished seam at the leg opening. That allows the hem to fray and get stringy. The step hem is where the front side of the hem is cut shorter than the back. This prevents the hem from buckling at the top of the shoe and allows it to drape down the back of the shoe. These jeans have both, which I'm seeing everywhere now.

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