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Allison Brittney Women's Ribbed Cable Mock Neck Pullover Sweater with Keyhole

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Allison Brittney Women's Ribbed Cable Mock Neck Pullover Sweater with KeyholeThis Allison Brittney Ribbed Keyhole sweater was another nice surprise I came home to after running around with the kids. It was another one of my Amazon wish list items that my husband ordered for me. How sweet of him!

This is a light-weight rib knit sweater made of rayon and polyester. The directions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry because rayon can shrink quite a bit. The fabric is really pretty, though. The rayon gives it a bit of a sheen. But rayon is notorious for clinging to the body in a way that allows bulges and folds to show through. So a shaping camisole would be a great thing to wear underneath. It is a smooth, nice-feeling fabric that is comfortable to wear.

The keyhole opening at the neck/chest area is really pretty. It gives an interesting twist to a simple mock turtle neck. It kept me warm today even though I did not wear a cami underneath. But I should have because there are a couple of belly bulges that show through the sweater. A shaping cami would have smoothed that out.

There is also a pretty gold ball button at the keyhole that adds an extra touch of elegance to this sweater. I thought this nice detail at the neck and chest would show even with a jacket on, unzipped of course. In the winter, I tend to have my jacket on all the time while running around with the kids or running errands.

There a few different colors that this sweater comes in. The color I chose, called Beige, I would call cream. I really like this color. It can go with anything, really. And if you have a warm skin-tone, it would be a great color for you, too. For cooler skin-tones, this sweater also comes in the all time classic black, as well as a pretty red.

I've never worn any clothes by Allison Brittney before, so I wasn't sure what size to get. I went with a size S, and that seemed to fit just fine. I am 5ft and 105lbs.

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