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Green Swarovski Crystal Silver Earrings

Green Swarovski Crystal Silver EarringsHaving a family means more time commitment, more responsibility, and less date nights. A friend of mine, after her youngest child turned 7, finally had a date night with her husband. She planned her hot outfit in advance, as well as her accessories. She took out her fancy earrings and tried them on in front of the mirror to see how they'd look with her dress. But alas, it had been so long since she'd worn earrings that the holes in her ears had closed up!

Green Swarovski Crystal Silver EarringsThe next day, she went to Claire's to endure yet again a young girl's right of passage. The ear-piercing gun! After each ear was re-pierced with a simple stud, my friend looked into the mirror at her red, throbbing earlobes. Well, she thought, she may not be able to wear the fancy pair of chandelier earrings this time, but at least it is a start to hopefully more date nights.

So I decided that I needed a new pair of earrings. Most of my fancy danglers were old and tarnished. I wanted something that had a little sparkle, but was casual enough to wear during the day, running errands. (You'll notice a pattern here, that taking the kids to dance class and running errands is the closest I come to dressing up. I get out of my jammies. That's what counts.)

I found these pretty dark green Swarovski crystal earrings. They dangle just a little enough to make me feel a just a little fancy. I love the green color. It may be genetic because there are 3 people in my family who love the color green, me being one of them. I even got a compliment from someone with a May birthday. She thought they were emeralds.

I just love to wear these earrings whether I am wearing green or not. They are a simple design but are something special to me.

Cute Jackets for the Fall & Winter

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get mostly mild winters. For running errands, grocery shopping, and taking the kids to classes, I normally wear just a jacket and some ankle boots. I don't really get to show off any cute tops during this time of year.

So instead I opted to get a few different cute jackets to mix it up a bit. I got a few stylish jackets on Amazon, and they have done the trick for me this fall and winter. I opted for shorter length jackets because they seem more comfortable to run errands in, sitting in the car, etc. And being short, they seem to give the illusion of longer legs, versus the longer anorak-style parkas that go down to the thigh and visually cut off some of the legs.

I also opted for jackets with detachable hoods because it pretty much rains every other day in the winter in Seattle. The sizing for these jackets are pretty small. The styles are made short and snug. If you like a more baggy look, make sure to size up.

Denim-style faux leather jacketBlack Faux Leather JacketThe first one I got is this faux-leather faded black jacket. It has denim style pockets and a knit hoodie that can be detached. Because black goes with almost anything in the winter, this is the jacket I've worn most often. The faux leather seems to hold up to the Seattle rain pretty well. I got this in X-small, which is the size I normally get in coats and jackets. This was a little small in the hoodie and the sleeves. But other than that, it is comfortable and looks nice. I've gotten compliments on this jacket.

Bomber jacket with furry liningBomber Jacket Sage GreenI also got a sage-green bomber style jacket. This one is cotton on the outside with a sort of furry lining on the inside of the back and the hood. It is soft and comfortable. I also sewed some patches on the jacket from my dad's old Army units. That styled up the jacket a little and makes it fun to wear.

I got an X-small in this jacket as well. It seems to fit perfectly. It is a bit short on the torso. I find myself pulling it down every now and then. But i think that is just the styling on this type of jacket. I would have preferred it a little longer past the waist-line, but I still think it is a very cute and stylish jacket as it is.

Faux Suede JacketFaux Suede Jacket WineThe most recent jacket I got is a faux-suede jacket in wine. It is really special, unlike anything that I've seen before. It has a few different patterns around the outside, almost like a weaved look. The faux suede has sort of an iridescent sheen on it. At different angles, the wine color seems to have a lavender sheen.

The zipper and trim are a pretty gold. And the hoodie draw string has a gold bead with rhinestones around it. I got this in a size Small because that was the smallest they had. It fits great. Pretty snug on the belly area, but it just fits.The reason I chose this jacket is because it's unique accents give a very pretty, feminine look to a moto-style jacket.

Having a few different jackets to rotate through has made me feel like I'm not wearing the same outfit (same jacket and jeans) everyday. Sometimes its little things like jackets that make the dreary rainy winter a little more interesting.

Levi's 710 Super Skinny Jeans

Levis 710 Super Skinny JeansI didn't even think to look on Amazon for my favorite Levi's jeans. I've mostly been getting them from Macy's when there's a sale. However, I don't always know when that is. Amazon seems to have a perpetual sale on them, cheaper than Macy's. So I went ahead and got some this time. They were great. Same quality, tags, and everything.

I got a beautiful black color called Secluded Echo. Lately, I have found that the Levi's 711 Skinny jeans and 710 Super skinny jeans fit me better than any other jeans I've tried. They have quite a bit of stretch in them, so they are actually very forgiving and flattering. I am not my slim, fit self that I used to be prior to having kids. My flab fluctuates depending on my appetite, the time I have available to work out, and my will-power. These Levis have been with me for most of my post baby years (differnet sizes of course) and never failed.

I would say I'm a little more bottom and thigh heavy these days. These jeans do not gap in the back. They are very fitted but comfortable. I have even been known to do yoga in them. The black pair that I just got are my substitute for black leggings. With my physique, I do not look good in thin black stretchy leggings at all. These black jeans give support where its needed as well as stretch. They hold me in a bit, but also let me breathe. I am about 5' and 103lbs. I fit a size 24S in the 711 jeans, a 25R or 26S in the 710 jeans.

Gold Indulgence for they Eyes

Being over 40, I feel like everyday I notice more and more wrinkles. The most recent little buggers have been around my eyes. Yes, it's dawn of crow's feet.

In my 30s, I was always told that I need eye cream. Really? Now, in my 40s, I am constantly seeking it out. I wanted a cream that would not just evaporate as soon as I put it on. Something that would just sit there and constantly work on my wrinkles.

So I go online and find LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask. These are little gel-like eye patches that you stick under your eyes to help with puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. They contain 24K gold, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other anti-aging ingredients. I decide to put them on my wish list.

Lo and behold, Santa brings them for me for Christmas! I quickly open up a package. They are a bright golden color. Pretty, shiny, and dripping wet. I carefully place them under my eyes. Oooo, so cooling and nice. They start to slide down a little, and I gently push them back up into place. They start to stay put. And I go start my yoga workout.

They are so golden, they make me feel like an Egyptian princess or something. I love the cooling sensation under my eyes.  I complete my whole exercise routing with these things on. Was almost an hour.

I gently pull them off. They are much drier after an hour of being on. Maybe I shouldn't wait that long. The directions say leave them on for 20-30 minutes. When they dry out, I guess they stop working.

I take a look under my eyes, where they'd been. I can see that they are well hydrated. Do I now look 20? Well, probably not quite. But I can say that these were definitely indulgent, pampering, and addicting! I love them. I love they way they feel under my eyes. I love the weird golden color. I love how they moisturize. And I love doing yoga with these on!

Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow in Filter

Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow FilterMy recent favorite eye shadow is the Smashbox Photo Op eyeshadow trio in Filter. There are three basic neutral matte shades that give the prettiest natural shadow. If you have hooded eyes or Asian monolids, it is really great for adding natural-looking depth to the crease. The medium-brown color, sable, is perfect for the crease. The darkest color, sumatra is pretty dark. It can be used an an eyeliner. But I mix it with the sable color to create the perfect outer V shadow around the top outer corner of each eye. Its easy to mix the colors by tapping your eyeshadow brush lightly into the dark color and then tapping it more heavily into the sable color. You can control how dark to make the shade by doing that.

I use the light cream color, vanilla, mostly to mask the area just beyond where I want the dark color to go, to prevent it from blending over too far. I also use the light color to brighten up that same area after I apply the dark color to decrease the look of droopy outer corners of my eyes. The vanilla shade can also be used to highlight the eyelid area close to the lashes to give even more dimension to the eye. And of course on the brow bone to accent your eyebrows.

This small eyeshadow palette fits easily in my makeup set. It is my go-to eyeshadow when I don't have time or energy to be creative with color, or if I want a nude or natural look. Since you can taylor the blending of the colors so easily, it can be made to look more natural by using the sable for the crease, the sumatra as an eyeliner, or more dramatic by blending more of the sumatra with the sable for the crease or outer V.

Unfortunately, this wonderful eyeshadow trio has been discontinued, and you can't get it at stores like Ulta or Sephora anymore. However, as of this writing, you can still get it on Amazon. They sell the travel size, which is pretty small, but it is perfect for those who don't wear makeup much and want a quiick easy look for when they do.

For some reason, I haven't found another medium brown color that works so perfectly as a crease color to create a very natural shadow. Most medium brown colors I've seen are too orange, too cool or ashy, too pale, or too dark. The sable color in this palette is, to me, the perfect shade and tone for medium skin. The dark sumatra color is also the perfect shade and tone for deepening shadows in the outer V. I love that all the colors in this trio are such a beautiful mattes. I sometimes use a shimmery eye primer if I want to feel a little fancy. I also sometimes add a shimmery golden color in the center of my eyelid for extra glamour.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

CeraVe Hydrating CleanserI use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser to clean my face in the morning and at night. It is really good at removing grime and makeup from the face. I even use it to remove my mascara and eyeliner. I just wet a sponge or facial scrub, pump some of this cleanser onto it, and rub it into my face. Then I rinse with water. I still feel a little slippery feeling after rinsing on my face, but that is just the good stuff, like ceramides and sodium hyaluronate it leaves behind. Pat my face dry, and do the same with my neck.

This cleanser is soap and detergent free, so it doesn't dry out my sensitive skin at all. I found it to be even less drying than the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, which is also a pretty good  cleanser for dry and sensitive skin.

This cleanser is not too expensive for the great quality that it is, but you can still find it cheaper than most places on Amazon, which is where I get it as an add-on item. Try it, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.


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