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Mossimo Off the Shoulder Blouse Purple

Mossimo Off the Shoulder Top Purple

Did I mention that Target has been coming out with some cute clothes lately? I call the color of this raspberry. Raspberry has been my favorite color for a few years now. I know, call me an old lady. I love these purply lavendery colors. I even got raspberry-colored Nike Tanjun sneakers, which I love.

This top is supposed to be worn off the shoulder. But I don't know if I can tolerate wearing a top like that with all the cooking, cleaning, and childcare that I have to do. So I wear this top with the sleeves on my shoulders. And I think it still looks pretty like that.

I am 5ft 105lbs, and I got a size S. It seems to fit fine. I normally don't get flouncy poofy tops like this because it sort of balloons out the torso and makes me look even bigger than I am. So I think this top is most flattering on really skinny gals. However, I got it on sale last week for under $10, and with it being my favorite color and all, I love it.

Now, I've got that raspberry song in my head, "She wore a raspberry b'louse. The kind you find at a discount store".

Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Jeans in Black

Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Black JeansMossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Black Jeans with Step Hem

I found these Mossimo High Rise Skinny Destroyed Jeans in black,  and they were just what I've been looking for for the Fall season.

A few years ago I used to love Target's clothes. They were well-priced and super cute and comfy. I don't know what happened, but they went through a phase where I wasn't too fond of their styles for a while.

Thankfully, just within the past few months, they must've upped their game again, and I've seen quite a few super cute styles there.

I'm 5ft and 105lbs and got these jeans in a size 0 Regular. That was all they had at the store. But online, they have these jeans in Short sizes. I wish I would've gotten that instead.

I know you can't tell in this picture because I'm wearing booties, but these jeans have a really cute frayed step hem. I think this fancy hem would have been more noticeable if the pants were shorter on me.

I actually wasn't sure how to deal with the longer hem. I didn't know whether I should tuck them into my ankle boots, or roll the hem to just above my booties? So I sort of did a combination of both. It ended up looking a bit scruffy. But I figured they were scruffy-looking jeans, so it seemed okay. But still, I would have preferred the shorter jeans.

I did get compliments on these jeans, and I am looking forward to wearing them all Fall and Winter!

I kind of feel like a Power Ranger in this outfit. Maybe I'll team up with Kimberly and Trini to destroy Rita and Goldar. 🤔  Destroyed jeans for the destroyer.

Frayed Step Hem

updated 10/4/2017

Mossimo Destroyed Jeans Step Frayed HemI was able to get a better picture here of the frayed step hem on these destroyed jeans. The frayed hem is where there is no finished seam at the leg opening. That allows the hem to fray and get stringy. The step hem is where the front side of the hem is cut shorter than the back. This prevents the hem from buckling at the top of the shoe and allows it to drape down the back of the shoe. These jeans have both, which I'm seeing everywhere now.

Pretty in Mauve

Urban Decay Naked3 PaletteI have loved pinks for quite a while now. Call me girly or whatever, but I do love pinks, purples, and mauves. When the Urban Decay Naked3 Eye Shadow palette, full of mauve and rosy eye shadows came out, I immediately knew I wanted it. My favorite color is Buzz, a mauvey shimmer that is so pretty and  unique that I couldn't find a similar color of eye shadow anywhere.

I usually use the following colors because I think they create a unique and mauvey rose look that is great for daytime.

Limit: a nice medium-light transition color to put on the crease

Nooner: a medium rosy light-brown color that is nice to add to the outer corners of the eye

Buzz: a shimmery mauve (cool, dusty rose) which is so pretty as a lid color. I also like to use Burnout (a peachy pink shimmer) or Trick (a peachy gold shimmer) as the lid color.

Blackheart: A dark maroon with sparkles. I use this with a wet, e.l.f. small smudge brush as eyeliner

I think this palette is so unique because of the combination of mattes and shimmers that will give you a natural-looking pretty pink tone to your eye makeup. I usually go for a subtle and natural look for daytime, since I'm normally just out running errands.


Just to continue with the mauve effect, I used the Urban Decay Rapture lipstick.

For the eyelashes, I first used Lancome Definicils Mascara for length. And then I layered Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara over the top for volume.

Dainty Heart Bracelet for a Dainty Wrist

Adjustable bracelet with rhinestone heartSpiritlele Delicate Crystal Heart BangleI was wanting a bit of flair to add to my arm. I have always loved bracelets but had to take a break from them while my children were of carrying age so as not to scratch them. Now they've finally become too big for carrying. And I figured I can get back to bracelets. Unfortunately, while wearing a fake Rolex, I accidentally bumped it against our 5 year old's face. At his height, he is right at "arm" level for me.

So I am relegated to wearing lower impact, light-weight, and smooth-finished arm candy. With my wrist being super tiny, I have to find bracelets that have clasps that can adjust way down. My husband got me this Spiritlele Delicate Crystal Heart Bangle Bracelet.

This bracelet is pretty inexpensive and not real gold or anything. I'm not sure how long it will last. But it definitely fits my tiny wrist. It has a chain at the end and a lobster clasp on the other end. So you can adjust how loose or tight to make it. Some of the other reviews said that they bought this for a child as well. But I still think it is lovely, and I will wear it everywhere.

I love how the bracelet has bars around each side. They do make it look a little like a bangle. I normally cannot wear bangles because my wrist and hands are so small, that bangles usually just slip right off. It is a really pretty and unique design for dainty wrists.

Smoothing and Thickening Cream for the Hair

AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit PrimerI've been using the AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer for a few years now. I've tried several different leave-in products for the hair, but this is the best one I've ever tried. It does so many different things for the hair. It smooths, nourishes, detangles, provides sun protection, and thickens the hair.

I've used various hair serums and treatments that have weighed my hair down and made it look greasy. I've used detangling sprays that make my hair look flat or frizzy. But the AG Hair BB Cream gives me all the benefits in one product. I always make sure I put it on my hair before going outside since it has some sun protection in it. It helps decrease sun damage to the hair and color fading.

I've gotten compliments on my hair since using this. I've always had thin, stringy hair, and to receive compliments now is such a big change. I had a good friend, who has known me for a long time and even worked on my hair tell me my hair suddenly looked thicker.  She asked me what I did. And I told her it was this AG Hair BB Cream.

AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit PrimerI've found that most hair thickening products tend to make my hair look frizzy. Not this one. It smooths as well. Some other leave-in thickening products have made my hair feel sticky and hard to get my fingers through my hair to "brush" it. But the AG Hair BB Cream keeps my hair free-flowing, detangled, smooth, and thick-looking.

It's got keratin, panthenol, silk amino acids, just to name a few nourishing ingredients for the hair. I've also tried different Perfect Hair Day products that are supposed to smooth and thicken, but this AG Hair BB Cream blows it all out of the water for me.

I actually stopped using it at one point to see if it was really doing a great job. And boy, did I miss it. After a week I had to run back and get another pump bottle of it. One bottle lasts me probably a couple of months, using about 3 pumps  almost every day. My hair has grown long, so I'm finding myself using more than before.

I run it through the lengths of my hair after washing, while it is still damp. Then I comb through my hair with a wide-tooth comb. It detangles nicely. Doesn't have much of a smell, very light fragrance, barely noticeable. It looks like a white cream when it pumps out.

I Heart this Maxi Dress

Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion I usually don't wear maxi dresses. I find them to be a tripping hazard when running after children. Plus I'm short, and most maxi dresses are too long for me.

That said, while on my Derek Heart dress kick, I came across this Derek Heart Junior's Trista's Yummy Maxi Dress with Racerback Medallion. After reading the reviews, I decided I would take a chance on it. Pleasantly surprised, it worked for me. In fact, I got some compliments on it. I had to wear the highest heels I have just so I don't trip on them. But luckily they are comfortable platform wedges.

I usually get a size Medium in Derek Heart dresses and tops. But because I wanted the best chance of this dress fitting me in the length, I got a small. And I think that was the right choice. The dress is made of synthetic fabric, which does not shrink, unlike the other Derek Heart dresses I've bought, where the Medium size shrinks down to a good size for me. I am 5ft 105lbs, and the size Small fits fine.

Strappy sundresses always pose the challenge of what bra to wear that won't muddy up the look. I didn't have a navy blue bra at the time of this photo (I've since purchased one). So I tried on a nude bra and a black one with a racerback bra converter clip for the back. But neither of them looked good.

So I opted for pasties. It did the trick, but it didn't do much for my form. It was the lesser of evils that day. Luckily the dress has a nice busy print that can distract from the lack of form.

I love the lacy racerback style of the back of this maxi dress. I loved how there were no bra straps to clutter up the look of it. I chose to wear my hair in an updo, partially to showcase the back of the dress, and also because it was a hot day. Wearing my hair down makes me sweat too much. Braids, ponies, and updos have been my hairy friends this summer.

The dress also has nice slits at the bottom on both sides. I think this adds a little extra flair to an already pretty dress. It also helps with the stride, so you're not shuffling around like a geisha. Although, I did feel a little like a geisha in this dress that day. It does seem to have an Oriental flair to it. And with my hair up, I just needed a little wisteria flower draping from the bun. But a traditional geisha would be scoffed at for the little bit of shin that shows in the slits.

BTW, If you haven't watched the drama Memoirs of a Geisha, I highly recommend it. I never really understood what a geisha truly was until watching this movie. Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon does an amazing job at portraying the main geisha character and pulling at your heart strings.


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