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Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Knock, knock.  Who's there?

Olive.  Olive who?

Olive this Derek Heart sweater!

I put a few fall sweaters on my Amazon wish list, and my husband surprised by getting me some. This olive lace-up top is the return of Derek Heart for the winter. Simple, but stylish, and pretty. It is the perfect weight for fall weather.

The fabric is part rayon and part polyester. Oops, I just washed and dried it this morning. The instructions say handwash. And it probably should have been air-dried, rather than be exposed to the hot dryer. It may have shrunk a little, or a lot, because rayon tends to do that. For some reason I must've forgotten that it has rayon in it.

This picture of this me in the Derek Heart Lace-up Sweater is taken before I washed it. Honestly I wore a shaping cami underneath because this top is clingy and rayon is not very forgiving of love handles and such.

Wearing the shaping cami underneath helped a lot. Plus it made the top a lot warmer. I always wear a cami under my tops and tuck them into my pants in the winter. It helps keep the cold drafts out of my torso. So these shaping camisoles really serve two purposes. To keep me warm, and to smooth out the bulges :-)

I chose this sweater because I thought it had a flattering cut, not too big and bulky. I like my winter tops fitted because it makes it easier to get a jacket on over them.

I also love the lace-up design of the front chest and neck area. Last year, all I wore were mostly plain long sleeve tees. And this year I thought it would be fun to wear tops with a cute front style that would show when I have my jacket unzipped.

Plus this top is a bit warmer than just a long sleeve tee. This sweater is a good weight and thickness. Not too heavy, but thick enough to be fairly warm. It is comfortable to wear, and not itchy at all.

I love this color, too. Olive is one of my favorite colors to wear. I think this top also comes in black, which is also very nice-looking.

I am 5ft 105lbs, and I got a size Medium. I will try this on tomorrow now that its been machine-washed and dried. I hope that it still fits.

After washing and drying, it still fits!

Updated 9/21/2017

Derek Heart Juniors Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Pullover SweaterI forgot to check the tag for washing instructions before I threw this into the regular wash, with all the other darks. The instructions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry. Most likely because it is 20% rayon, which is delicate and shrinks with heat. Well, I went and washed it yesterday in warm water and dried it on medium heat, as I do with most of our clothes. And yes, this lovely olive Derek Heart lace-up sweater did shrink.

But take a look at this picture. I think it actually fits better now that it has shrunk. I am a short person, with a short torso and short arms. The shrinkage actually helped decrease some of the excess fabric that was wrinkling on the torso and the arms. Phew! I was afraid I would be bursting out of it once it shrunk.

I've had this same experience with the Derek Heart dresses that I got over the summer. I tend to do well when I get a size Medium and allow it to shrink in the washer and dryer. Then it seems to fit fine, with a little breathing room.

I am wearing a shaping cami again (black this time) under this top, just to smooth things out and keep me extra warm. Our weather in the Seattle area suddenly turned cold, so I've had to start adding extra layers of clothing again.

Western Spirit DORIS Boots

Western Spirit DORIS Women's Boots Ankle

These Boots are Made for Puddles

Fall arrives this month, and I'm not totally ready for it. I will miss the summer sun, here in rainy Seattle, dearly. But I am excited about Fall fashion and wearing my new Western Spirit Doris Boots that my husband just got me on Amazon. They are just as pictured on Amazon, true to size, and comfortable. They have a little plush lining on the inside, which I thought was a nice extra touch. There are sparkling silver-colored faceted studs on the back, which gives it a little bling, but not too much.

Today it rained a lot, just like a typical Fall Seattle day. These boots held up to some pretty good puddles, without getting my feet wet at all. My 5yo son, unfortunately, was wearing sandals, so I had to pick him up over the puddles. Thankfully, these Spirit boots are not real leather, so they hold up to rain and puddles better.

In the Fall, I prefer this short height (mid calf / above ankle) style of boot. Lower ankle boots tend to make my ankles feel cold, especially if I wear them with my jeans cuffed. Tall boots just feel too overwhelming for me in the Fall. However, during the height of winter, when it is cold and rainy, tall boots are my jam.

These boots go with so many outfits. I've been looking for brown western short boots for a while now. I was glad to finally get a hold of these. Super cute and comfy. The heel height is good, too, about an inch, so they are still very comfortable. I'm short so I always appreciate a little lift in my shoes. These western boots are a very welcomed addition to my Fall boot collection.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Monsieur BigLancome mascaras are my favorite mascaras to use. I have used many different drugstore brands as well as prestige brands. But I think Lancome has truly nailed it in the mascara world. They have several different mascaras for different purposes. Some for lengthening, for daytime looks, for more intense evening looks, etc.

Lancome recently came out with a new mascara that is supposed to make your eyelashes... BIG. It's called Monsieur Big. This mascara really does give me some nice lashes. It lengthens, darkens, and thickens my lashes.

Sometimes I think it is even too intense to wear during the daytime running errands and such. My mascara tube is still fairly new, so I only apply the mascara that is on the brush when I first pull it out of the tube. Then I go over my lashes about 3 times or so with the mascara wand. It is about the most I can do for daytime wear.

I think I would buy the Monsieur Big mascara if I were going out a lot at nights or had an evening job at a restaurant, bar, or somewhere that you get all dolled up and pretty.

For everyday where, I would use something else like Lancome Definicils mascara for a very natural look. And for a little more glam, I use Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

I also like to use Definicils first to lengthen the lashes, then use a volumizing mascara like Hypnose Drama or Monsieur Big for mega long and thick lashes.

No7, the Light to My Dark Circles

Dark Circles Under eye bagsEver since I hit puberty, I was cursed with not only zits but dark circles and bags under my eyes. My 6th grade classmates were the first to point it out to me. So I've been wearing under eye concealer ever since I was about 12.

It wasn't until well into my adulthood that I started using eye cream that actually helps with dark circles under the eyes. I fell in love with Hydropeptide Eye Authority. This under eye treatment did wonders for my dark circles. I found myself using less and less concealer. But this stuff quickly started wearing on my budget. So I searched around for a replacement.

I tried all the eye cream samples I could get my hands on. I bought different prestige brands as well as drugstore brands. But mostly I was looking for a fairly-priced drugstore brand in order to save money. I even tried putting cold tea bags and cucumbers under my eyes, to no avail.

It has taken me about 2-3 years of trying different eye creams until I finally found something that worked. And at long last, I have found the holy grail of under eye dark circle / bags creams for me. It actually works even better than the Hydropeptide Eye Authority that I once loved.

In my search for the H.G. under eye cream, I tried to narrow down what ingredients might have been the key ones to help combat dark circles and bags. A lot of eye creams use caffeine for that, but it wasn't doing the trick for me. After much trial and error, I came up with two ingredients that appeared to lessen the dark circles and bags under my eyes: Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone and Haloxyl.

My next step was to find a decently-priced eye cream that contained these two ingredients. Around that time, a popular UK skincare brand, Boots No7, was making its way into the U.S. market and gaining popularity here quickly. No7 started coming out with different skincare product lines for different age groups of women.

I'd already been using the No7 Lift & Luminate product line. But later, they came out with a new line called  No7 Restore & Renew. I was told it was for women who were in their sixties and above. No matter, I looked at the ingredient list of that new line and found it to be pretty impressive. I checked the Restore & Renew eye cream. And lo and behold, it contained the two ingredients that I was on the hunt for. Plus a slew of other amazing ingredients, like peptides, Rosehip oil, ceramides, and more.

At around $20 for the tube, I was sold. As with all the other eye creams that I had tried, I used it diligently morning and night. After a few weeks, I noticed that my under eyes, sans concealer, were starting to look less dark. I was almost tempted to go without the concealer altogether. But I still patted on a little, just to further brighten up my under eyes.

I have been using the No7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream for months now, and I will not stray from it. The price is right, and the product works wonders for my dark circles and under eye bags. I may not be in my sixties, but I think this eye cream is tailor-made for me, plus I love to wear purple.

I won't say that my dark circles and bags are totally eradicated by this eye cream. But they are greatly improved. So much that I don't ever want to be without this eye cream. I still always wear concealer whenever I go out. And that's okay. I think that is just one of many facial flaws that I accept and deal with as best I can.

EttelLut Yoga and Workout Leggings

I got these EttelLut yoga and workout leggings online. Wasn't sure of the size and fit, but they were a decent price, so I thought I'd take a chance. It turns out I really like them. They were a really good price, much cheaper than buying them at Target or Wal-mart. And the quality is great, too. They are fairly thick and will be great for winter workouts. Or for just going out and running errands. Actually, I might even sleep in them in the winter so that I can wake up and do my morning workouts at home straight away. But they are almost too cute to sleep with. So I might save them for going out :-)  I am 5ft and 115lbs, and I got a size small. They fit perfectly. I especially love the pink stripe on the side. In case you don't like pink, there are other colors to choose from. I'll probably get more of these at such a good price online.


Floral Print Corduroy Skirt for the Fall

I got this Mossimo Floral Print Corduroy Skirt for the fall. The corduroy is the perfect weight for fall as well as winter, with tights. Today started out as a gray rainy day, typical of Seattle fall weather. So I decided today was a good day to try the skirt out. I wore it with short sleeves and no tights because I knew it would get sunny and warm-ish later in the afternoon when I was running errands.

It turned out to be a very comfortable skirt. The corduroy is nice and stretchy and soft. I like the zipper detail on the front. The floral print has nice fall colors of flowers. The flowers are pretty small, but the color combination of them is really nice. There are purple, gold, white, and rose colored flowers. I can see myself wearing this in the fall with long sleeve tops of any of those colors.

Yes, I'm starting to shop for fall now. I don't like missing out on the prettiest things for the season. If I wait until fall to buy them, my size usually ends up being sold out. I am 5ft 105lbs, and I got a size 0. These photos of me below are before I washed the skirt. I am hoping it shrinks a little as it seemed like it had a little extra wiggle room. 



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