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For G and PL Cable Knit Sweater

For G and PL SweaterThe Christmas holiday has been binge season for me. As a tradition, I made Christmas cookies with the kids. We even had a cookie decorating party with their friends. And of course, there are lots of treats and desserts all over all the stores during the holiday season. Needless to say, I wasn't really surprised when I stepped on the scale and found myself having gained a few extra pounds.

Getting into my Levis was quite a challenge. And then, once they're on, there's that sausage look. But I did get this nice sweater as a Christmas gift from one of my brothers. The brand is called For G and PL. Nothing all that catchy, but still memorable. When I put it on my wishlist, I didn't know what G and PL stood for. But when I received the sweater, the tag said "For Girls and Perfect Life". Cool, I get a nice sweater and a perfect life. What a perfect gift!

I got a size small, and it fits great. Even with my extra holiday weight! I am now 5ft 107lbs. As usual, I still wear shapewear underneath almost everything. Partially to smooth out the muffin top as well as for added warmth. Keeps the sweater a little cleaner on the inside, too.

This beige cable knit sweater is a really nice shade of beige. It is a little darker than off-white but lighter and warmer-toned than taupe. It was exactly the color I was looking for when I want to wear a light neutral color without it being stark white. The true warm-beige color is a lot more pigmented than shown in this picture.

The fabric is also really soft and comfortable. It is an all-synthetic fabric, but I think that's what makes it soft and warm, without being itchy. It is fairly lightweight, without being see-through or cheap. The knit is fine and alternates between cable and ribbed patterns. There is a nice stretch to the sweater, and it gently contours the body for a slim, but not tight fit. The crew neck is pretty close-in to the neck. It is a little tight getting it over my head, but once on, the higher neck keeps me warm.

It really is the perfect everyday sweater. I wish I had one of these sweaters in every color. But this beige color is a classic color that goes with everything. Thank you little brother for this Christmas present!

Derek Heart Juniors Rib Crew Neck Pullover Sweater Grommets Details

Derek Heart Juniors Rib Crew Neck Pullover Sweater Grommets Details Derek Heart Juniors Rib Crew Neck Pullover Sweater Grommets DetailsMy husband recently ordered this Derek Heart Ribbed Knit Crew Neck sweater for me online. Today, with rainy weather in the 60s, I decided to wear it for the first time. I love it! It is such a pretty shade of red. It gives a little much-needed color to my wardrobe during our gray rainy season. And it will be a festive top during the upcoming Christmas season, too.

The silver grommets and nail heads add interest to the sweater. With them, you don't even need a necklace, they provide enough bling on their own. I like how the shiny grommets are still visible when I have my jacket on, unzipped, of course.

With the summer being over, I was sad to abandon my cute Derek Heart dresses that I wore all summer long. They were so comfy and I always got compliments on them. But I was glad to find some fall and winter Derek Heart garb. I just love Derek Heart clothing. They are so well-priced and super cute.

I also like how this sweater is made using rib knit. It gives it a nice texture. It is fairly warm and sweater-like, but it stretches very nicely. I did wear a shaping camisole under this sweater because my jeans always squish my belly fat out, and with this sweater being fitted, it would show the rolls. The shaping cami just smooths out the muffin top :-)

As with a few of the other sweaters my husband recently treated me to, this sweater is 80% rayon, which means it will shrink when washed. The instructions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry, which is what I will make sure to do. I don't think I can afford much shrinkage on this sweater. I am 5ft and 105lbs, and I got a size Medium. Other than the sleeves being a little long, I really like how it fits.

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick R49 Belly-DancingI also went ahead and wore red lips today. I just couldn't help myself! Regardless of what people say, I love to match my makeup to my outfits. This is the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in R49 Belly-Dancing. It is one of my favorite red lipsticks because it is not overly bright. It is a slightly muted and darkened red.

The lipstick is hydrating at the same time as staying put and not transferring too much. I felt my hair brush across my lips a few times while I was out shopping today and it did not drag fine lines of lipstick across my face, like other highly pigmented lipsticks have been known to do.

This lipstick also stayed off my teeth, even with smiling, talking, and singing in the car. I'm always paranoid about that because I've had it happen to me with other brands of lipsticks, and it is really a pain when it gets on your teeth. I think this Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick is really high quality, and I'm tempted to get other colors :-)

Allison Brittney Women's Ribbed Cable Mock Neck Pullover Sweater with Keyhole

Allison Brittney Women's Ribbed Cable Mock Neck Pullover Sweater with KeyholeThis Allison Brittney Ribbed Keyhole sweater was another nice surprise I came home to after running around with the kids. It was another one of my Amazon wish list items that my husband ordered for me. How sweet of him!

This is a light-weight rib knit sweater made of rayon and polyester. The directions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry because rayon can shrink quite a bit. The fabric is really pretty, though. The rayon gives it a bit of a sheen. But rayon is notorious for clinging to the body in a way that allows bulges and folds to show through. So a shaping camisole would be a great thing to wear underneath. It is a smooth, nice-feeling fabric that is comfortable to wear.

The keyhole opening at the neck/chest area is really pretty. It gives an interesting twist to a simple mock turtle neck. It kept me warm today even though I did not wear a cami underneath. But I should have because there are a couple of belly bulges that show through the sweater. A shaping cami would have smoothed that out.

There is also a pretty gold ball button at the keyhole that adds an extra touch of elegance to this sweater. I thought this nice detail at the neck and chest would show even with a jacket on, unzipped of course. In the winter, I tend to have my jacket on all the time while running around with the kids or running errands.

There a few different colors that this sweater comes in. The color I chose, called Beige, I would call cream. I really like this color. It can go with anything, really. And if you have a warm skin-tone, it would be a great color for you, too. For cooler skin-tones, this sweater also comes in the all time classic black, as well as a pretty red.

I've never worn any clothes by Allison Brittney before, so I wasn't sure what size to get. I went with a size S, and that seemed to fit just fine. I am 5ft and 105lbs.

Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Derek Heart Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Sweater

Knock, knock.  Who's there?

Olive.  Olive who?

Olive this Derek Heart sweater!

I put a few fall sweaters on my Amazon wish list, and my husband surprised by getting me some. This olive lace-up top is the return of Derek Heart for the winter. Simple, but stylish, and pretty. It is the perfect weight for fall weather.

The fabric is part rayon and part polyester. Oops, I just washed and dried it this morning. The instructions say handwash. And it probably should have been air-dried, rather than be exposed to the hot dryer. It may have shrunk a little, or a lot, because rayon tends to do that. For some reason I must've forgotten that it has rayon in it.

This picture of this me in the Derek Heart Lace-up Sweater is taken before I washed it. Honestly I wore a shaping cami underneath because this top is clingy and rayon is not very forgiving of love handles and such.

Wearing the shaping cami underneath helped a lot. Plus it made the top a lot warmer. I always wear a cami under my tops and tuck them into my pants in the winter. It helps keep the cold drafts out of my torso. So these shaping camisoles really serve two purposes. To keep me warm, and to smooth out the bulges :-)

I chose this sweater because I thought it had a flattering cut, not too big and bulky. I like my winter tops fitted because it makes it easier to get a jacket on over them.

I also love the lace-up design of the front chest and neck area. Last year, all I wore were mostly plain long sleeve tees. And this year I thought it would be fun to wear tops with a cute front style that would show when I have my jacket unzipped.

Plus this top is a bit warmer than just a long sleeve tee. This sweater is a good weight and thickness. Not too heavy, but thick enough to be fairly warm. It is comfortable to wear, and not itchy at all.

I love this color, too. Olive is one of my favorite colors to wear. I think this top also comes in black, which is also very nice-looking.

I am 5ft 105lbs, and I got a size Medium. I will try this on tomorrow now that its been machine-washed and dried. I hope that it still fits.

After washing and drying, it still fits!

Updated 9/21/2017

Derek Heart Juniors Rib Long Sleeve Notched Neck Pullover SweaterI forgot to check the tag for washing instructions before I threw this into the regular wash, with all the other darks. The instructions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry. Most likely because it is 20% rayon, which is delicate and shrinks with heat. Well, I went and washed it yesterday in warm water and dried it on medium heat, as I do with most of our clothes. And yes, this lovely olive Derek Heart lace-up sweater did shrink.

But take a look at this picture. I think it actually fits better now that it has shrunk. I am a short person, with a short torso and short arms. The shrinkage actually helped decrease some of the excess fabric that was wrinkling on the torso and the arms. Phew! I was afraid I would be bursting out of it once it shrunk.

I've had this same experience with the Derek Heart dresses that I got over the summer. I tend to do well when I get a size Medium and allow it to shrink in the washer and dryer. Then it seems to fit fine, with a little breathing room.

I am wearing a shaping cami again (black this time) under this top, just to smooth things out and keep me extra warm. Our weather in the Seattle area suddenly turned cold, so I've had to start adding extra layers of clothing again.

Western Spirit DORIS Boots

Western Spirit DORIS Women's Boots Ankle

These Boots are Made for Puddles

Fall arrives this month, and I'm not totally ready for it. I will miss the summer sun, here in rainy Seattle, dearly. But I am excited about Fall fashion and wearing my new Western Spirit Doris Boots that my husband just got me on Amazon. They are just as pictured on Amazon, true to size, and comfortable. They have a little plush lining on the inside, which I thought was a nice extra touch. There are sparkling silver-colored faceted studs on the back, which gives it a little bling, but not too much.

Today it rained a lot, just like a typical Fall Seattle day. These boots held up to some pretty good puddles, without getting my feet wet at all. My 5yo son, unfortunately, was wearing sandals, so I had to pick him up over the puddles. Thankfully, these Spirit boots are not real leather, so they hold up to rain and puddles better.

In the Fall, I prefer this short height (mid calf / above ankle) style of boot. Lower ankle boots tend to make my ankles feel cold, especially if I wear them with my jeans cuffed. Tall boots just feel too overwhelming for me in the Fall. However, during the height of winter, when it is cold and rainy, tall boots are my jam.

These boots go with so many outfits. I've been looking for brown western short boots for a while now. I was glad to finally get a hold of these. Super cute and comfy. The heel height is good, too, about an inch, so they are still very comfortable. I'm short so I always appreciate a little lift in my shoes. These western boots are a very welcomed addition to my Fall boot collection.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Monsieur BigLancome mascaras are my favorite mascaras to use. I have used many different drugstore brands as well as prestige brands. But I think Lancome has truly nailed it in the mascara world. They have several different mascaras for different purposes. Some for lengthening, for daytime looks, for more intense evening looks, etc.

Lancome recently came out with a new mascara that is supposed to make your eyelashes... BIG. It's called Monsieur Big. This mascara really does give me some nice lashes. It lengthens, darkens, and thickens my lashes.

Sometimes I think it is even too intense to wear during the daytime running errands and such. My mascara tube is still fairly new, so I only apply the mascara that is on the brush when I first pull it out of the tube. Then I go over my lashes about 3 times or so with the mascara wand. It is about the most I can do for daytime wear.

I think I would buy the Monsieur Big mascara if I were going out a lot at nights or had an evening job at a restaurant, bar, or somewhere that you get all dolled up and pretty.

For everyday where, I would use something else like Lancome Definicils mascara for a very natural look. And for a little more glam, I use Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara.

I also like to use Definicils first to lengthen the lashes, then use a volumizing mascara like Hypnose Drama or Monsieur Big for mega long and thick lashes.


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