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How to Make Quick and Easy Hand "Lotion"

Travel BottlesHere is a way to make hand lotion at home with just two ingredients that just about everyone has. It is all natural and amazing for your skin. You will also need a little "lotion bottle" that is shakeable. I just use those empty ones they sell in the travel section of Rite Aid or Target.

This lotion is pretty liquidy, it is not going to be white and thick, like the kind you buy at the store. And you have to shake it each time before you use it. But there are just two ingredients in it, both of which are easy to pronounce and food safe. So you can prepare food with this hand lotion on. 

The two ingredients are water and olive oil. That's it. Just add about 3 parts water and 1 part olive oil to a clean empty shakeable bottle. They will not mix, but just cap and shake the mixture each time right before you use it. I use it in the kitchen as hand lotion. 

It doesn't really have a smell or taste, so it works well while you are cooking or chopping, as you wash your hands so often in the kitchen. And olive oil is so softening for the skin.  You can play with the dilution. If you like it stronger, add more oil, if you like it weaker, add more water.

If you like a scent, add a drop off essential oil (e.o.). I usually like hand lotion unscented, so I don't add any e.o. 

The oil and the water can go bad after a while, so change it out after a few months or so to keep it fresh and clean.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder

There aren't a whole lot of good sculpting powders I've found out there. I know people say you can just use bronzers, but I find them a little too warm and sometimes too orangey. I heard a lot of good things about Kevyn Aucoin's The Sculpting Powder and decided to give it a try. I think it does take a little practice using it, but once you get used to how it goes on, it seems to work very well. The color is a good taupey-brown so you don't get the orange tone.

I do admit that when I first put it on, it looked like a had mud on my face. But when I got a hang of how the powder goes on, it looks like a natural shadow. I found that I can use less blush so that my whole cheek doesn't end up pink. And it gives my face more dimension. I have rounded cheeks, a wide nose, and a double-chin. So this sculpting powder helps give me the illusion of cheek bones, a skinnier nose, and a smaller chin.

I would definitely recommend it if you don't mind taking an extra few mintutes to do the sculpting. There are lots of sculpting instructions and videos online, if you just do a Google or YouTube search. I use three different brushes to apply the powder to three different areas on my face. An angled blush brush for just below my cheekbones, a medium-sized powder brush for my jawline and doublechin area, and a small powder brush on either side of my nose. That seems to do the trick.

I know that some people even use this to contour their eyes, like eyeshadow. I tried that, and it seems to accentuate the dark circles under my eyes, for some reason. So I stay away from that area with this powder. 

But I like this powder so much that I am willing to try other things by Kevyn Aucoin, such as The Celestial Powder and The Sensual Skin Enhancer. I'll let you know what I think of those if I end up getting them. 

Relaxed, Femine, but Confident

 I found this cute ensemble on Target's web site. I love this beige floral feminine tunic with the vintage wash skinny jeans and the cognac tall boots. The look is soft and gentle but relaxed. The boots add a touch of confidence.

Riding Boots vs. High-heel Boots

Riding boots have finally grown on me. At first I thought they looked manly, like I should be wearing a sword on my hip. But now I've come to appreciate how they can be cute and stylish and very comfortable for mommies and pregnant ladies.

But  as I'm out and about, I've noticed many ladies wearing high-heeled boots. They look so tall, thin, and chic. And I wish that, being short as I am, I could wear heels that high, too. But I'm sure my day will come when I can return to wearing high heels. Besides, boots are like anything else. As soon as you buy a pair, you'll always see a better one out there.

Aerosoles Play Date Ankle Booties

I just got the Aerosoles Play Date ankle boots in yesterday and wore them for a few hours. They were very comfortable, except for the side where the zipper is rubbed against my ankle a little. It only started bothering me towards the very end of the day. I am hoping it gets better as the shoe breaks in.

The height of the shoe is perfect. Being pregnant and bringing a toddler everywhere, I need some decent shoes that I feel stable in. These are great. They give a little height, but still feel stable and comfortable.

I've found that I need to make sure that the dress shoes I get are leather. I have a couple pairs of non-leather boots, and they just kill my toes. I get blisters and soreness. So I was glad to have found these shoes in suede. I think Famous Footwear carries them in fabric, but I found them in suede online, yay! 

Winter Goth Hair

Winter Goth HairI just got my hair colored again. I got it dyed back to my natural color, plus got some red highlights. It looks very wintery. I was trying to go a little more autumn, but I think I look a little like a goth witch. I didn't realize that my natural color was so dark... And the red that the stylist used is more of a violet. So it looks a little intense.

I've had to change eyeshadows because the ones I had been using didn't seem to go with my dark hair color. I was using a smokey purple eyeshadow set that I loved with my browner colored hair. But now with the black hair, I had to switch to a lighter, more plummy purple set. That seems to soften my look.

I also had the stylist apply the new Redken hair conditioning shots: the Color Extender and the All Soft. I must admit that my hair looked like it was in great condition after the process. But now it's almost too soft. My clips and rubber bands slip out of my hair, and I feel like I have a lot less body near my roots. I guess I can't really get hair near my roots conditioned, otherwise it just gets too flat. I have to use spray body volumizers in order to get any kind of lift back.


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