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H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

I got this H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment as a deluxe sample when I bought some other cosmetics. I have been using it for the past week or two, and I really do like it. I ran out of my normal serum, so I just decided to use this one. As with most gel type moisturizers, I found it to be a bit sticky. I prefer more of a standard cream or lotiony feel to my moisturizers.

That said, I liked this because it seemed to smooth away the fine lines a little. Not as well as my normal serum, but better than most moisturizers I have used. It is ok at moisturizing. I have normal/combination skin with some dry areas. I felt like I had to use an additional moisturizer on top of this on certain areas of my face.

But what I liked most about it is that it really seemed to keep my acne at bay. I have heard that marine ingredients can be good for helping prevent acne. Since I've been using this, I have not had to use acne medicine like I used to have to use it once or twice a day, and sometimes even more than that.

Once I'm out of my deluxe sample of this, I will see if my acne comes back. And if it does, I'm probably going to go out and buy a jar of this stuff. I do use a different anti-aging serum along with this on areas on my face that have more wrinkles, like the lines across my forehead. I also use an extra moisturizer on my cheeks because they get extra dry. But other than that, for these hot summer months, this H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment works great.

Again, I don't like the stickyness, but I am willing to trade that for acne free skin!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Review

I have been in search of a new eyeshadow that doesn't emphasize my dark circles, but detracts from them. I just wanted it for a daytime look, so nothing too intense. As I was trying out samples at the Laura Mercier counter, the makeup artist tried the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick on me. I ended up getting it, loving it, and then ordering it in another color. I've got the Rose Gold and the Sand Glow colors. And they are both really beautiful. They are very brightening and really do detract from the darkness of the bags and dark circles under my eyes.

I really only apply them to my eyelids, close to my lash line and up a little. I don't find the need to use contouring eye shadow (the dark one in the crease) as much. I feel my eyes look so brightened by this Caviar stick. The look is subtle but nice. It is shimmery, but still feel it is age appropriate for 40-ish.

It is so easy to apply, just a few strokes of the stick, no brush needed. I sometimes blend a little with my finger. It takes a few minutes to set, and then it is pretty permanent. You can't rub it off with your fingers after that. But I find that I do need to give it time to set before I use my eyelash curler. Otherwise, it transfers onto my curler and then rubs onto my other eye in places where I don't want it.

It is an amazing product, and I want to try more colors, like Amethyst or Orchid!

Revlon Age Defying Lifting Firming Makeup Review

I have tried several different foundations, including making my own. I have also tried various tinted moisturizers, beauty balms, and CC creams. So far, of all the ones I have tried, I found myself to be happiest with the Revlon Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup. It is one of the few that doesn't cause me to break out. There are so many shades to choose from. I am warm-toned and find I'm able to find warm matches for my winter and summer skin shades.

The makeup is slightly hydrating and definately not matte. I would say it is luminous. So sometimes if I hydrate too much under it, I get a sort of shiny look. I typically use a light hydrator under it and then I apply a mattifying primer to my T-zone area before I apply the foundation. Sometimes I even dust some powder over my T-zone afterwards.

I would have to say it is not the prettiest foundation I have tried. Sometimes I feel like it is too luminous for my taste. Even though it is not really "sparkly" with lots of mica. I think it would have been better to have a little silica in it for more of a blurring and slightly mattifying effect.

But what I like most about this makeup, other than that it doesn't cause breakouts for me, is that it has a good amount of anti-aging peptides in it that really lift my skin. I notice my face, especially my cheeks, that are sagging due to being over 40, are lifted and my cheekbones become more perky with this makeup. I feel so much younger when I use this foundation. I don't really feel the need to use contouring makeup anymore, since I have so much actual lifting.

And when I take off the makeup at night and wakeup in the morning, I notice the lifting effects all gone. So it doesn't seem like a permanent effect, but it is good enough to look so lifted during the day. I was so impressed with the effects that I have searched for a night cream that could do something similar. I even tried to find something with similar ingredients, wishing that Revlon made night cream with similar ingredients. And to my knowledge, as of this writing, they don't.

I have used other foundations/tinted moisturizers that seem to have a nicer sheen. But weighing out all the pros and cons, I haven't found one to outweigh the benefits of the Revlon Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup.

Boots No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum Review

I tried using Boots No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum on a whim. My eyelashes seemed to have gotten thinner and more sparse. I don't know if that is an age-related issue, hormonal, or what. But I was getting a little desperate. This eyelash serum was decently priced and had decent reviews, so I thought I'd try it.

After a couple of weeks I felt like I started to see a difference. Eyelashes started looking a little longer. Now, it has been about a month, or more of using it. I am noticing that I use a lot less mascara. I have not changed my mascara, but I find that I only need 1 or 2 coats for daytime makeup. I used to need at least 3-5 coats. And yes, that would make for clumpy eyelashes that were a pain and had to be combed out pretty well after mascara applications.

So I have to say that this serum really worked for me. I will continue using the tube up, which has lasted pretty well. I only use it at night, as per the directions. It does sting if you get it in your eye. But that just takes practice using it. I'm pretty good now and can apply it pretty quickly to top and bottom lashes, without getting the product in my eyes.

It contains some peptides that are supposed to be good for growing hair. Since this has worked so well for me, I have decided to try to find a similar product for the hair on my head!

How to Make Liquid Foundation

I have been searching for a good liquid foundation for myself. After having kids and turning 40, my skin has become dry but prone to breakouts. So it has been really hard to find skincare products and foundations that work for me. I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation, which was a little too drying and the salicylic acid was too much for my dry areas. I used Maybelline Dream Airbrush foundation, and found it too oily looking on my skin. I tried MaryKay Timewise foundations and found them to be too drying or too shiny as well. I also tried Laura Mercier BB, which didn't have enough coverage. And Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation, which was too thick and cakey-looking.

So I finally decided to formulate my own liquid foundation. I took the mineral powder foundation I made and mixed it with my favorite face moisturizer and added a little grapeseed oil to it to make it more emollient. The first time I tried it, it was not enough coverage, kind of like a BB cream. So I made it again, this time adding a little more mineral powder. This time I got great coverage. Not so much that it looked caked on, but enough so that it made my face look more even toned. It has the perfect balance of matte and moisture. I just dust a little of Mally's Skin Finisher (a silica powder) to my T-zone, and I'm good for the rest of the day. Mind you, it is just barely spring now, and by summer, this may not be enough oil control for me, so I'll have to re-evaluate in the summer. I usually just stick to mineral powder foundation during the summer, but my skin has been changing the past few years, so we'll see.

Here is the recipe for liquid powder foundation:

1-1/2 tsp Mineral Powder Foundation

1 Tbsp Facial Moisturizer (I use a claryifying serum, which is mostly aloe juice and jojoba oil with a few added anti-aging ingredients)

1/4 tsp Grapeseed Oil (without this, I found the mixture to be too chalky, but this smooths it out nicely)

Make sure to mix it well with a mini whisk so you don't get little globs of powder, it makes for an uneven coverage.

I place it in a 15mL airless pump bottle because it seems to come out very well that way. You can use a larger bottle once you get your recipe perfected and make bigger batches. I use a smalll spatula or butter knife to transfer the foundation to the bottle.

You may have a tweak the recipe, like add more or less of each ingredient, depending on how much coverage you want, and how moisturizing you want it. More powder if you want more coverage, and then you may also need a tiny bit more grapeseed oil, since more powder makes it more chalky.

This liquid foundation is perfect for me for everyday use. It has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for sun protection, too. But I will still wear a hat if I am sitting out in the sun for a long time.

I was thinking for going out, I may want a little more luminous formula, with maybe a little more coverage. So for that, I would add a tad bit more mica to the mineral powder foundation before I mix it into the facial moisturizer. And maybe bump up the powder foundation to 1-3/4 Tbsp to get a little heavier coverage.

My next endeavor will be making a concealer for around the eyes, that hopefully doubles as an eyeshadow primer. For this, I will most likely mix my eye cream with some mineral powder foundation (with extra mica for luminosity). I'll let you know how it goes.

How to Make Mineral Powder Foundation II

Since I seemed to have a reaction (acne) to the cocoa powder foundation, I decided to go back to using iron oxides as the colorants in mineral powder foundation. Here is the recipe for medium warm toned skin. If you are lighter or darker, add less or more of the oxides. If you are cooler, add less or no yellow oxide. If you are really cool, with pink or red tones, you can add a little red oxide.


4 tsp Titanium dioxide (mineral makeup base)

1 tsp Zinc oxide (extra sun protection)

1-1/4 tsp Serecite mica (adds luminosity and lightens the texture)

1/4 tsp brown iron oxide (mineral colorant)

3/4 tsp yellow iron oxide (mineral colorant to add warm tone)

1/2 tsp silica powder (I use Mally Skin Finisher)

few drops of grapeseed oil


1. Wear a disposable nose and mouth mask (the kind they make you put on at the doctor's office when you have a cough). Mixing all these powders can be irritating to your nose.

2. Grind it all up with a mortar and pestle until uniform. This takes a while, so be patient. Once you think you've got it, grind it a little longer. If you don't do a good job, mixing it, you will see streaks of color when you use the powder.

3. Test the color by dusting it onto your skin (match the color to your neck)

4. Add more ingredients to tweak the color or texture of the foundation.

     a. Add more titanium dioxide and/or zinc if you want to lighten the color

     b. Add more brown oxide to darken the color

     c. Add more yellow oxide to warm the tone

     d. Add some red iron oxide to cool the tone

     e. In some cases, you can add chromium oxide green if you have very olive skin tone. I have done that with nice results.

     f. Add more mica if you want more luminescence

    g. Add more silica for more shine control

    h. Add more grapeseed oil for more moisturization

5. Once satisfied with the color and texture, put the powder in a makeup sifter. I have used old powder foundation sifter jars.

6. If after using it for a day or so, you find something is not quite right, like it is too warm or dark, dump the powder back into the mortar and pestle and adjust by adding ingredients. For example, if it is too warm, you can try adding red oxide or a very small amount of chromium green or ultramarine blue. If it is too dark, add more titanium dioxide or zinc. Have fun with it. If you stick with it, you can create many times over the most beautiful foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type more than anything you can find at the store.


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