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Color your roots easily

Hair dye bottle with comb applicator Hair dye comb applicator with bottleThis hair dye bottle with comb applicator makes coloring your roots much easier than trying to deal with the squirt bottle that comes with your normal hair dye kit. With the one-handed application, it is even easier than using the brush and bowl application method. This squeeze bottle with attached comb allows even distribution of the hair dye across your roots and hair lengths.

Mix your hair dye and pour it into this bottle. Part your hair and gently squeeze the bottle, running the comb applicator over your roots. Once you have saturated the section that you parted, part your hair in the next section and do the same. This comb applicator allows for easy coverage of even the back of your head, where you cannot see. Just make sure you get good saturation of hair dye in each section.

Once you have finished all the roots, move on to the remainder of your hair, using the comb applicator. For long hair, I use 2 hair dye kits to get good coverage. You will still need to put a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes and body from the dripping hair dye.

With this hair dye comb applicator, you no longer need to call your mom, sister, or best friend over to color your roots. Now you can easily do it yourself!

SiggiHat Sun Hat

SiggiHat Women's Sun HatThis SiggiHat Women's sun hat pretty and functional hat was a gift from my husband. I love this hat. It looks nice with sundresses and shorts. It is one of my favorite hats for giving you all around coverage in the sun. I still love baseball style caps, but they just don't provide coverage for the side of your face, cheekbones, etc.

This hat folds up nicely while still holding it's shape. I brought it in the suitcase when we went to Disneyland, and I was able to wear it as soon as I pulled it back out of the suitcase.

Sunglory Summer Sun Dress

Happy 4th of July! Summer has barely hit here in the rainy Seattle area. Our strawberry plants got a short little dose of sunshine last month, only to stunt them back to dormancy now. But with my birthday landing in the Spring, my son, with the help of Daddy, got me this pretty sundress to wear this summer. So far, I've worn it once, and it is lovely. The perfect breezy and comfy summer dress.

The fabric is a soft, flowey rayon, with a little spandex to give it some stretch that makes it easy to pull on. It comes in a few different colors, but I like this wine color that my son picked out. It goes nicely against my medium skin tone. The adjustable spaghetti straps makes it nice and cool to wear during the summer. And the buttons down the front top portion gives it a nice style. The skirt is a gathered style and falls just above my knees. I am about 5ft. He got me a size Small, which was perfect as I have been between 105-108lbs most days.

I definitely give this Sunglory summer dress a thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who wants to stay cool and look pretty this summer. The cut of the dress would be universally cute on just about any body type. The stretchiness gives you extra room here and there. And the flare of the skirt gives you a nice hourglass shape. I threw on a cropped short sleeve sweater bolero/shrug over top of this when my shoulders got cold.


Crocheted black bolero shrug cropped sweater

Black Bolero Shrug

SiggiHat Women's Sun Hat

SiggiHat Sun hat

Black strappy sandals

Heart necklace with pressed flowers

Heart earrings with pressed flowers


How to make your own foot and body scrub

How to make your own foot and body scrubI've been using and loving the Majestic Pure scrubs on my feet for a while now. I got it as a gift from my hubby, but now I'm all out :-(  I put another jar of it on my wishlist, but until I get it (and IF I get it), I will need to use something in the interim to scrub my feet.

I dug around my supply closet and found some shea butter from when I used to make scrubs. I figured I may as well use it up. I like to use shea butter because it keeps the salt solidified in the oil so it is easier to scrub with. Here is my recipe for a simple foot and body scrub.

2 Tbsp of shea butter
2 Tbsp of avocado oil (or any other oil you like)
1 cup of epsom salt
a few drops of fragrance oil or essential oil (optional)


  1. Put shea butter and avocado oil together in a measuring cup
  2. Melt in microwave at 50% power so it doesn't burn. Don't let the mixture get too hot, just warm enough to melt.
  3. Stir the mixture of oils so that they are well blended and fully melted.
  4. Add a few drops of your fragrance or essential oil and mix.
  5. Add the epsom salt
  6. Place the measuring cup with the mixture into an ice bath to cool it.
  7. While cooling, mix the oils and salt together until it solidifies.
  8. Store the scrub in a container like an old clean plastic jar. 

How to use: scoop out a small amount of scrub while taking a shower or bath. Scrub gently onto your rough areas, like feet, knees, legs, elbows, hands, etc. Rinse off with water and towel dry. Make sure to clean the bathtub after using this, as it can make the tub slippery.

Note: Use this scrub within a few months. There is no preservative added here, and the scrub can begin to go bad after a while. Try not to get water into the jar of scrub.

How to make an exfoliating scalp spray with salicylic acid
Scalp Spray with Salicylic AcidI read long ago that if you want to give your hair a healthy environment in which to grow more dense and full, you need to exfoliate the scalp. Much like exfoliating the skin, it allows the scalp cells to breath, take in nutrients, keep the hair follicles healthy, and hopefully grow more hair.

The book I read talked about physically exfoliating the scalp by scrubbing it with a toothbrush and baking soda. I never tried that, but it sounded like a good idea. Just a bit time consuming and cumbersome to do. So instead of physically exfoliating my scalp, I opted to chemically exfoliate with salicylic acid.

I started using the Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo, which has salicylic acid in it to help remove the build-up of dead skin on the scalp. I only use it once every week or two. And although my scalp seems healthier after using it, I feel like its not really enough to get all the skin buildup off the scalp. Some people shed this dead skin as dandruff. Some people, like me, just get that itchy scalp feeling, like you just want to scratch it off.

I usually use a hydrating spray for my scalp every night before bed. The same solution that I use as a toner for my face. It consists of water, witch hazel, plankton extract, and an anti-aging peptide. It has done well for my face and scalp. However, I decided I wanted to add an exfoliant in the spray to help remove the build-up on my scalp instead of using it in the shampoo. I figured the daily use of a small amount of exfoliant will be good for removing my scalp build-up.

I chose salicylic acid as the chemical exfoliant because it seemed to work well in the Neutrogena T/Sal. If this doesn't work, I may try hibiscus extract because it has natural AHA, which is also a chemical exfoliant that I use in my body lotion.

I am beginning this experiment with a plain water solution and a low percentage of salicylic acid. My target is a 0.5% salicylic acid solution in distilled water. I always use distilled water instead of tap water because I know it is pure water, without any additional minerals or chemicals in it (like fluoride, chlorine, lime etc.). If this solution works well on my scalp, I may add in my other favorite ingredients, like witch hazel, plankton, and peptides. I will test this first salicylic acid solution for about a week.

Distilled Water (jug from grocery store)
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

Equipment & Supplies:

Calculations for 100mL solution:
.5% salicylic acid = .5g
the rest distilled water = 100mL

  1. Weighed out .5g of salicylic acid
  2. Placed powder into 250mL glass beaker
  3. Added about to 100mL of distilled water
  4. Add stir bar and place on stirring machine
  5. Stir and turn on a little heat
  6. After about 20 mins, about 70% of the powder dissolved.
  7. I measured the pH to be about 1.5
  8. Since salicylic acid doesn't dissolve well in water, and I need to titrate the solution to a higher pH, I added about .3g of sodium bicarbonate (which does both)
  9. This allowed the salicylic acid to fully dissolve, and it brought the pH to about 3 to 3.5. This was about as low as I would go, so I left the solution as is. I could have, and maybe should have added a little more sodium bicarbonate, but I didn't this time. Hopefully I don't burn my scalp off!


I'll let you know how this works for me :-)

Update 4/6/2018

This didn't seem to do the trick as far as keeping my scalp any healthier. So I have resorted back to using my DIY plankton & peptide scalp spray, witch hazel, and the Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo. I use the shampoo once or twice a week, and leave it on for a couple of minutes to do the exfoliation. The other days, I spray witch hazel into my hair and rinse it off in the shower. Twice a day, I use my homemade plankton & peptide scalp spray. It really seems to do the trick, in addition to adding a little extra bounce to my hair. I will post the formula for my DIY scalp spray soon.

Winter Knit Hat with a Brim

Winter Knit Hat with Sun Visor

Put on this hat and go for a walk

I made a pact with myself to walk the dog as often as I can this winter, rain, shine, or snow. Here in the rainy Pacific NW, I usually walk around with a hood over my head. But on those glorious sunny but cold days, my head is much happier with a warm hat that offers sun protection.

So my hubby got me the perfect one for Christmas. It is a wool knit hat with a bill to shield a little sun from my eyes and face. I am allergic to sunscreen, so I really rely on hats to help keep the sun off my face. Your typical summer sun hat (or even just a normal baseball cap) doesn't keep my head and ears from getting cold during the winter. So I just love this knit cap for the winter.

It truly is the perfect hat for walking the dog and for taking the kids to the park during those cold sunny days. They didn't have hats like this when I was a kid. I wonder what mothers and dog walkers ever did back then?!


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