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Attack of the Jellies

Baby J has been growing so fast that I've had to keep buying bigger diapers faster than I go through a case of a particular size. But luckily I have a few pregnant friends to use the other half of each case.

I like the Pampers Swaddlers, even though I have had a weird experience with them. A week or so after he was born, I woke up one morning to find his waist area covered in a bunch of clear crystalline crumbs. I thought maybe his urine crystallized or maybe they were ice crystals because he got really cold. Because it was such a large amount of crystals, I freaked out and showed my husband. He touched it and it was actually little gel bits. He Googled it and found out that it was an absorbant from the diaper. He also broke open a new diaper and found more.

So I wasn't worried the second time it happened... But it is a pain to clean up the gel bits. 

1 Month old

Wow, a whole month already flew by. I can hardly believe it. He's gained 3 pounds since birth and and 3 inches. He's considerably heavier when I pick him up from his swing and especially in his car seat. He's a lot stronger and hardier. I'm so glad to see him growing so well, but I also miss my little newborn.

He finally gave me some good eye contact yesterday. I thought he didn't like me or something because it seemed like he never looked at me. He is also able to track movement, like our hands moving across his face. And he can turn to sounds that he hears, like a squeaky toy or rattle sound.

It seemed so quickly that he grew out of his newborn clothes and into 0-3 month clothes. Now he's even starting to wear 3 month size.

He's quite the eater. Especially at night, when he seems to be constantly latched and eating. Makes for long tiring nights. He sleeps a lot during the day, and it's a challenge sometimes to keep him awake during the day so that I can get some relief at night.

His big sister loves him, and I think he loves her too. He loves to watch her play, and doesn't seem to mind her "playing" with him (carrying him, putting blankets on him and taking them off repeatedly, poking at him, tugging at him, and of course squealing at him).

I'm a Zombie
Nights have been so hard. We have been trying to keep him up during the day so that he would sleep better at nights. But it is such a huge effort to do that. He just seems to want to be up more during the night, nurse more, pee more, and just interact more. It makes getting up in the morning really hard.

Baby J is Here!

Although he was born 3 weeks early, Baby J is healthy and well. Today is his actual due date, and he has gained a little over a pound since he was born. He is now about 7.5 lbs and has grown out of the initial newborn clothes he wore during the first couple of weeks.

Nursing is going well. With the help of the nipple shield and hydragels, the first few days of cracking and bleeding were remedied pretty quickly. It helps being a veteran.

His big sister absolutely loves him, and the jealousy thing has subsided quite a bit, thankfully!  She likes to hug and cuddle him. And sometimes holds/carries him in the bed for a minute or so.


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