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3 Months
Can hardly believe that 3 months have gone by already. But he's become more animated, talkative, interactive. He loves to sit up. Often when I have him in a reclined position, he tries to sit upright. We've started putting him in the Bumbo, which he seems to like for a little while. His favorite place, though, is definitely in your arms.

He's really ticklish. Every time I change his clothes he giggles when I pull his arms in and out of the sleeves. Last week, though, he laughed when I was making funny sounds at him. Its hard to get a pic of him laughing or smiling because he likes your face right in front of his, and then looks like a deer in headlights when you point a camera at him.

He seems to like bath time. He usually takes a bath with his big sister. They keep each other entertained. They seem to like each other. She loves to play with him, and he smiles at her.

He recognizes my voice. I notice he looks around for me when he hears my voice. He knows when I'm about to nurse him, when I sit on the glider or start to cradle him. And he sometimes smiles or laughs because he's so happy about it.

He's been sleeping really good at night, thanks to his swaddle. I went without it a few times, and boy were those sleepless nights. Swaddled he only wakes up once during the night, knock on wood.


This past week, I got him to laugh for the first time. I was cleaning his neck with a baby wipe, and I guess it tickled him because he started smiling and giggling. Found that that he is actually very ticklish. Around his neck, belly, and underarms!

He's also been doing some physical exercises. He loves to pull himself up to sitting with you holding his hands. He even initiates the movement. Looks like he's excited to learn to sit up.

Smiles and Coos
Baby J smiles and coos at people now. He is such a friendly little guy that he even smiled and chit chated with one of our good friends while she was holding him. He had his 2 month well check last week. He's doing really well. He's gained a couple pounds in the last month, putting him at about 13 pounds. And luckily I lost a couple. Hopefully that will continue for a little bit more. He also got a few vaccines which seemed to bother him a lot. He cried like a real baby (he's usually not a crier) for a large part of the day and slept like one at night, for a whopping 11 hours straight!


A little over 2 mos old now, he has started smiling at us in response to us talking to him, giving him eye contact, and making funny noises. And he's still growing really fast! He seems to be pretty even tempered. He doesn't cry too much, but just enough to seem "normal". When he's upset or needs something, he just mostly fusses.

I still look at him and remember the first time I held him. They placed him right on my tummy as soon as he came out. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my life. Unfortunately I didn't get to do that with my daughter when she was born because she had to be checked out by a pedi right after she came out since I had pushed for 3 hours with her, as opposed to 5 minutes with Baby J.

Real Tears, Real Play

Today he shed his first tears. I forgot that newborn babies don't have tears and that it takes a little while for the tear ducts to develop. But today when I was changing his diaper instead of feeding him, he made a sad face and tears welled up in his eyes. I remember when his older sister shed her first tear too!

Speaking of eyes, he also seemed to get his eyelashes in a few days ago, too. He was born with really short and fine eyelashes, unlike his sister who was basically born with beautiful, thick, permanent false lashes. But now, he's got some cute little boy lashes. And I love his eyes. They look iridescent, with dark brownish-green coloring, similar to his dad's.

He started batting at the little hangy toys on his little play gym today. I don't really know if he was doing it on purpose, but he was flailing his arms around and kept hitting one of the dangling toys. Then he would watch it rock around. He did that for a while, so I'm thinking he was entertaining himself. He started fussing after about 15 minutes of that. But it was cute to watch!

6 Weeks Old

Baby J is now about 6 weeks old and has made a few advancements. He is noticing more things in his surroundings, like the fish on the mobile on his swing has finally caught his attention. He can track moving objects with his eyes, although he gets bored of that pretty quickly.

He's been mumbling little baby sounds, and last week, when Daddy anounced that he was leaving the room, baby said something that sounded like "Dadda!"

And he's able to hold his head up now, which makes holding him a little easier. Although he has grown quite a bit in weight, so my thumb joints have taken a little beating, and I have to change the way I pick him up. He is a squirmer, though. Often when I'm trying to burp him, he wiggles and squirms and makes it almost impossible to burp him. I think he's going to be a physically active one.

Babycenter says that they should be able to smile at us soon, if not yet. He's been smiling, but mostly in his sleep. He's been doing that since just a few days in. But I don't really count it as smiling at us until he gives us eye contact when he's doing it.

He's such a little cutie that I just can hardly bare the thought of him being our last baby. I look at him and I want more! But babyhood is fleeting, and soon they all grow up.

He's been sick since just before Christmas. I feel so bad for him. He's been all stuffed up. I've been giving him a shower with me in the mornings to help clear his sinuses. He seems to really enjoy the shower. Except today, when I was kind of in a rush about it. 


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