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Crawling and Sleep Regression

Yesterday she hadn't completely perfected crawling. Even this morning she slithered around the toy-scattered floor of the 6-9 month baby classroom. But this evening she finally got her hands and knees synchronized in a classic crawl. What was the motivation? A garbage can with a plastic liner that makes pretty crackling noises. Hubby said she crawled to it over and over every time he picked her up and put her back down on the other side of the room. Then later I witnessed her wiggly little crawl as she crawled toward me crying, with a not-so-cute facial expression.

Along with her learning how to crawl came more sleep issues. I don't know if they are related, but our teachers in the parent/baby classes always say "regression in the face of progression". Not only has she stopped sleeping through the night for the past 3 months, but for the past month, she has had a hard time sleeping in her crib and has ended up in our bed most nights. In fact, sometimes she can't sleep unless she is cheek-to-cheek with me.

Yes, I do love falling asleep cuddling my baby, but at the same time, we do need our bed back to ourselves. We're finding little "tricks" to get her to sleep independently again. Simple things, like just standing up and rocking her for several minutes before putting her down in her Pack-and-Play (which is currently in our room). That actually works about 7 out of 10 times. The goal is to eventually get her back into her crib in her own room again. And I would love it if she could sleep through the night again.


At 8 months, baby is starting to crawl! She scooted on her bottom for a few weeks, but now she is finally starting to get mobile on her hands and knees. She pushes backward very easily, which is the first "step" to crawling.

It's been hard for me to motivate her to crawl towards a toy. But when she sees something (usually an off limits non-toy item) she moves her hands forward, but doesn't always move her knees. Then she ends up on her belly, stretching and slithering towards the item. She can also easily transition from lying on her tummy to sitting up.

It's so much fun to watch her learn to crawl. But friends warn us that when she really gets going, it will be a lot harder to make sure she stays safe. We are baby-proofing the house more and more everyday as she gets more mobile.

I was looking at her newborn pics the other day and am in awe at how much she has grown and developed. She has also become such a cuddle bug and loves snuggling and being close.

Family Visits

Baby has now seen family from both sides. First we flew across the country to see her dad's side, and then my family came to visit. It was a great experience for her, and she really enjoyed seeing everyone. Of course she loved all the attention! Lots of holding, cuddling, playing, and gifts. We took some great pictures and shared many fun times. Baby may not remember it all, but at least we can show her the pictures and say, these all your relatives who saw you as a baby!

Pikkolo Baby Carrier

pikkolo baby carrierWe just bought a Pikkolo baby carrier today. I've had my heart set on getting one of these for weeks. But now that I bought one, I think I'm having a case of buyer's remorse.... I wanted to get this because I have been using the Bjorn baby carrier, and it has never really fit me right. There is too much slack in the shoulder straps, and I can't tighten them down any further. Also, baby rides really low in it, and her legs bang against mine when I'm walking. There is also a lot of shoulder pressure when I wear it, and I feel like I'm working very hard. I heard that the Bjorn carrier is made for an average size woman, not a petite woman, like myself.

After talking to a lady who uses the Pikkolo carrier, even with her 4 yo, I decided that was the one I wanted. It is supposed to fit petite women a lot better. And it seems to fit me better, in that I can tighten the straps to fit me properly. Baby seems to ride at a good height on me. But as far as the pressure on the shoulders, it is still there, probably not as bad as on the Bjorn, but definitely still there. I do feel the weight distributed a bit to the criss-cross in the back, however.

Another big plus about the Pikkolo carrier is that it can be worn four different ways: front forward facing, front inward facing, back carrier, and on the hip. Back carrying is definitely more comfortable. The lady who sold the carrier to me said that for my size of baby (approaching 20 pounds or more), on the back is definitely the recommended way to carry her. It just takes a lot of practice getting her into the back carrier.

I was thinking of using this carrier for shopping and also for some light hiking. But my friend mentioned that there are special hiking baby carriers that have room for holding diaper changing supplies. How am I supposed to carry those things while hiking with the Pikkolo??? I looked up the price of hiking carriers, and they range anywhere from $50 to $300.

So now I'm really wondering if it was worth it to spend $129 on the Pikkolo carrier. Is is really going to be that much more comfortable than the Bjorn carrier? Would I be better off with a carrier that has a backpack to put diaper stuff in? Here I am second guessing myself. The lady I bought the Pikkolo from said she has many different carriers that she uses. Each one has its pros and cons. Sigh... what to do.... She has a 30-day return policy, so that gives me some time to try the carrier out and think about it.

First Tooth - Teething and Sleeping

Baby got her first tooth last Saturday! It's just barely peeking out and hard to see, but it is sharp and hurts when she bites my finger. She's been drooling like a water fountain for months preparing for this tooth, and many more to come. She's also been biting on toys very vigorously and then screaming with frustration and probably pain.

We give her Tylenol when she seems to be very uncomfortable and fussing a lot. But we haven't used Orajel. I heard from our Parent-Baby class teacher that it wasn't very good to use. I looked it up and found some info on it on Yahoo: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090818234217AAlz6rz. She seems to like frozen gel toys, too.

Sleep has been crazy for her lately, too. Probably a side effect of teething. For the past three months, she has been fighting naps during the day. And lately, for the past week or so, she has refused to sleep in her crib. So she's been sleeping in our bed the past several nights. Although it is very sweet to sleep with her, it can't go on for too much longer.

Today, I tried putting her down for a nap on our bed, and she actually slept for over an hour! She also took a second good nap on the floor where she plays. In the evening, she was so tired that she pretty much fell asleep in the bath. And then at night, she finally went to sleep in her crib. Yay! Hope it lasts. The Parent-Baby class teacher also said that sleep begets sleep. If she naps well during the day, she may sleep better at night. That sounds like what happened today.

We've got more teeth coming soon. I'm hoping it all goes okay for her. I guess this means I have to start brushing her tooth. I heard that it's better to start now rather than when they have a whole set of teeth. That way, they can get used to brushing as each tooth comes up.


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