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Total Crib Rejection

baby cribs9-1/2 months passed and she still won't sleep in the crib. What ever happened to the good ole days when she would sleep for 8 hours straight in her crib? Still sleeping in our bed, I decided to try to gradually orient her back to her room. I started feeding her only in her room and then laying her down in the bed there to sleep. Dad was able to transfer her to the crib one time while she stayed asleep. Every other time, especially when I try to put her in the crib, results in screaming the "You're torturing me!" cry.

I talked to one of the teachers at our Parent/Baby class, and she suggested that I let her sleep on a mattress on the floor in her room, after baby-proofing the whole room. That would probably work, if we could find a place to put the rest of the bed, and spend the time doing the baby-proofing. She actually does sleep on that bed in her room quite nicely, but we haven't left her all night there yet. Just whenever we are alert enough to watch her through the baby monitor. Then when we head off to bed, we try the crib thing again or else bring her back to our bed.

Of course, a lot of the time, we just go the easy route and let her fall asleep in our bed!

Cuddle Bunny Understands Words

At 9 months, baby really seems to understand and follow certain instructions, like "leave that alone" or "come here". She seems to know what she is or isn't allowed to play with, like shoes and cords, because she leaves them alone when I tell her to and then plays with something else. She also knows which items are questionable and definitely non-toy items. She'll be just about to grab something and then turn and look at me to see what I'll say. It's really interesting watching her develop this way. It's amazing to see someone who was once a helpless newborn become a person who thinks and acts deliberately.

She also has started to enjoy cuddling and feeling soft things. She puts her face against our face, it's so sweet. She likes to touch the little fur patch on those Baby Touch & Feel books. And just today, I noticed her rubbing stuffed animals and wash cloths against her face. Cute!

Poor Sick Baby

Baby has been sick with a fever averaging 102 for the past couple of days. I called the pediatrician's office, and the nurse there told me that it sounds like a cold, and that she could have a fever for about 3 days, a stuffy/runny nose for 2 weeks, and a cough for 3 weeks. Wow, that's a long time to be sick. She said as long as her fever is not above 104, it's okay. But if it gets to 105 then she has to be seen immediately.

The nurse also said only to give baby Tylenol if she seems uncomfortable (being fussy). Otherwise, just let her run the fever, and it will help her fight off the infection. I've given her baby Tylenol a few times. It is a little unsettling when she seems so unusually hot.

She's had trouble eating and nursing with her nose being so stopped up. I have had to saline and suction her nose almost every time before nursing, just so she can drink. She has also had a hard time swallowing solid foods. And in general, not being as interested in solid foods. She spends a lot of the day, and night, breathing from her mouth.

Baby definitely looks sick. She's got bags under her eyes, and seems a lot more sluggish and less eager to play. Although, every now and then she seems to perk up, pull herself to standing and do the baby boogie. That's always nice to see that she is still in good spirits.

She's been a lot more clingy, wanting to be held. It's actually very sweet. She's been really good, not too fussy. Even napping a lot more, and longer. Which is nice for me, too. I am going to miss some outings, though: get-togethers with other moms & babies and grocery & household shopping. But also enjoying staying home and getting things done around the house, and just getting some extra rest.

Crawling, Cruising, and Falling

At about 8-1/2 months old, baby has mastered crawling and has started cruising (walking sideways while hanging onto furniture). She gets into anything within reach and especially likes cords and cables. With this new sense of adventure comes new pitfalls, like bumping her head and falling down. I feel like putting an infant helmet on her each time I let her play, as she usually pulls herself to standing, climbs onto things, and inevitably comes crashing down at some point. I can't always catch her falls, and it makes my heart skip a beat every time it happens. I think she is startled and frustrated by the fall just as much, or maybe sometimes even more, than it actually hurts.

Also, with this new exploration comes the rejection of baby toys. At least her own baby toys, even new ones. Other baby's toys are still interesting. But at home, she's mostly interested in anything non-toy. Empty water bottles have become new  play things, along with remote controls and balls of yarn (only while supervised).

Even after the rejection of the last brand new toy we bought her, a Playskool Busy Tumble Top, I still have hopes that there is some toy out there that she will enjoy playing with at home. Today she seemed to enjoy playing with a toy tea set at a local mom and baby cafe called Tot Spot Cafe. Hmmm, maybe we should get one for her?

Baby also seems to like playing with books. Maybe because she sees daddy reading books. She pages through board books (I like the ones with rounded corners and puffy covers) and cloth baby books (with the chewable tabs) mumbling to herself. It's cute. But when we read to her, she only listens for about 1-2 minutes.

Upside-Down Bugs Bunny Doesn't Nap Well

Baby still only has two teeth. They are both in the center on the bottom. The second tooth came just a hair after the first one. Daddy says it looks like upside-down Bugs Bunny teeth. But they are a cute little pair of pearly whites. So cute that they fooled me when I let her nuzzle against my collar bone and then clamp down on it with her teeth. Followed by bites on my cheek, shoulders, etc. Ouch!

Her sleep pattern has been all over the board since those teeth cut through. And I think she might be preparing the way for some more. She's been extra fussy the past couple of days, seemingly inconsolable. We gave her some Tylenol yesterday thinking she was uncomfortable.

She still fights naps during the day and is really only sure to sleep in the car. I have some friends who had to drive around a couple of times a day to get their baby to nap and suggested that I try that. Just seems like a lot of hassle. But then, how many times do I go through the nap time ritual attempting to get her to sleep throughout the day?

Daddy is really good at getting her to sleep. He lies down in bed with her for a little while and then moves her to her crib or play yard. That seems to work very well. Better than my technique, which is usually standing rocking her and then putting her down to cry for a couple minutes before finally dozing off.


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