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Hobbit Door

Baby at the hobbit door at Bellevue Botanical GardensAlmost 11 months, and baby is getting better and better at standing on her own. She even tries standing in public now, and she can stand for a lot longer, about 5-10 seconds. She either lets go of something that she was leaning on (usually us) or she pushes up from the floor with her hands or rises from a squat. She still hasn't taken steps on her own, but I'm sure that will come in due time. She started walking with daddy holding one hand. How cute!

Baby is also starting to point at things that she wants or is interested in. Like pointing at mommy or daddy when she sees a picture of us, a toy she wants to play with, or birds at her bird feeder.

She is showing a strong interest in other babies as she is entertained watching them for a while. She also enjoys looking at, and pointing at, babies in pictures.

Still have some challenges in the sleep department, but nap times are getting a little better. I don't know if that is a result of the practice of letting her nap in the car or just developmental. During the day, when she starts to get tired, clumsy and cranky, rubbing her eyes, I feed her and lie down with her, and she takes a nap for about 1-2 hours. That happens at least once a day. Knock on wood, I haven't had to Pikkolo her and do housework to put her to sleep lately.

Bedtime is hit or miss depending on the day. Some evenings I feed her and she goes to sleep without a fuss. Sometimes she gets all squirrelly and has to cry out her excess energy before calling it a night. It might be based on the timing of her day time naps (late naps -- bad!), or activities that day, or a combination of both.

Sense of Fear

By about 10-1/2 months old, baby has developed a sense of fear. She seems afraid of the dark. She cries when we turn out the lights, unless she is being held or lying next to us. Certain scary animated toys such as Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster and also a talking skeleton we saw at Michael's craft store cause her to scream in terror. And, oddly, ever since she saw the skeleton, she became nervous about her new Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope toy. I don't know if it is because the glowing globe at the top resembles the glowing skull of the talking skeleton...

Baby has started wanting to walk, with me holding her hands. Good thing I had shoes on her, as we were on a gravel trail at the time. She was fussing in my arms, wanting to get down. As soon as I help her walk, she smiles and starts trudging forward with gusto. I've seen mom's do that guiding walk with their babies and didn't think I'd be one of them. I figured they just did it for fun. It's a killer on your back, so I'm hoping she can take off on her own pretty soon.

On the eating front, baby is continuing to eat most foods that I offer her. Her sense of taste seems to have become more sensitive. She seems to dislike certain fruits that are sour, like raspberries and underripe blueberries. I've been trying to wean her from nursing by giving her formula, but she seems to reject that for the most part. I guess I'll try a different brand and see if she likes that better. She's now able to drink out of straws. But usually she sucks up too much and ends up spitting it out. Very similar to drinking out of a cup. She takes a few big swigs and then lets it all run down her chin.

Her top teeth are coming along very well. She's developing a nice little row of them. She's been biting me every now and then, which is getting scary and makes me want to wean her sooner. But she still loves to nurse and relies on it to get to sleep.

Doggie Friend

From about the time she could interact with things/people, around 6 months old, baby started to enjoy dogs. We have a friend who has a couple of little Bishon/Terrier mix dogs. Baby loves to pet them and "play" with them, or just explore them.

Lately, she's been hanging out with a new doggie friend, and she just laughs whenever she sees her. When we were at a picnic, all she wanted to do was hang out with the doggie. The dog is pretty baby safe as she has a baby "sister" of her own, almost the same age as our baby.

We'd really like to get a dog for baby soon, but I know it would be overwhelming for me. I think when she gets a little older, we'll get a little puppy. We're leaning towards getting a golden retriever. They are big time shedders, but they are such lovers!

Summer Fun

We have been enjoying these days of summer, baby's first summer. We've taken her to parks, farms, and had fun picnics with other babies. They sit and play on blankets together and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the babies really seem to like the grass, crawling on it, pulling it up, and even putting it into their mouths. I thought that was a little gross. But I learned in parent-baby class today that it is a good sensory experience for babies.

Recently, we went to Farrel McWhirter Park. We had a picnic there with some friends, let the babies pet some farm animals, and even had a little photo shoot with our friend's little Radio Flyer red wagon. Baby really liked petting the animals, and being pulled in the wagon!

Stair Master

Baby has become a master at climbing stairs. Only when she wants to, though. I've tried to use it to my advantage, getting her to climb up herself when we need to go upstairs. But she only fusses and wants me to carry her up. She started climbing about a month ago (at 9 mos old). This was just after she saw her best friend (2 months older) climbing up the stairs. She tried to imitate her that day, but couldn't quite make it. But it wasn't long after that before she could do it.

The only problem is coming down. No matter how many times I have helped her to go down the steps backwards, she always wants to try to go down forwards, which doesn't work quite well, since she's not walking yet. She has fallen backwards down a step or two, though. That happened when she got to the top and sat too far over the edge of the step. I heard that it is good to give them a couple of steps to practice on. That way if they fall, it would be a short fall.

Baby continues to hit new milestones every month. Can't wait to see what's next!


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