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Putting the Toys Away

When Baby is finished playing with her toys and scattering them all over the floor, I usually pick them up and put them away in bins. Today she surprised me by putting the books and toys into the bin herself! She sort of threw them in there a little roughly, but she got most of them in there. She did this a few times because she kept taking them out of the bin again, more like dumping them out of the bin. But it was cute because she knew where they belonged and went to put them there.

Today she took a few steps on her own towards me again. It's been over a week since she last felt like doing that. I never can tell when she'll be in the mood to do that.

My GymShe's been clingy lately, wanting to have more one-on-one time with me. She went to My Gym today and wasn't really in to the independent play time. She wanted me with her the whole time there.

Another tooth is poking out of the upper left area. But the molars are looking swollen up underneath the gums and may be ready to come out soon.

She's starting to enjoy stores a little more. As long as there are bright colorful fun things for her to look at, like toys, balloons, flowers, cakes, and even colorful food displays. Can you tell we've been shopping for her birthday party?


Almost 1 year old!

We have been frantically trying to prepare for Baby's 1st birthday party, as well as attending 1st birthday parties of her friends. Wow, hard to believe this is the end of "baby hood" (boo hoo). But that's life. She grows and becomes more independent every day.

She's gotten a little more "talkative" with a mix of baby gibberish and some of her favorites like, daddy, doggie, ducky, dirdie (for birdie), yes they all sound pretty similar. She enjoys getting into screeching matches with us. She shrieks, then daddy or mommy shrieks, then she shrieks, the we shriek, and so on and so forth.

She is starting to have a little more patience for books, allowing me to read the entire book to her. She seems to like Goodnight Moon and Sal the Shark (Underwater Adventures).

We recently bought a Baby Alive doll for her. It's supposed to be for at least 3 years old, but we confiscated the small parts, and she is supervised when playing with the doll. She saw it at the store and loved her cute little face. We pressed the button on her bracelet, and she loved all the talking that she did. But just like most toys, after a couple of days of playing with it, she got bored of it.

I can't tell whether or not her molars are poking through yet. She had a bout of fever, and later a slight cough and runny nose. Plus she's been chewing on her fingers, towards the back of her mouth, and her appetite has been funny. So I'm expecting some more teeth, and probably molars. At least that's what seems to be happening with other babies her age.

One more thing - This morning I asked her where her nose was, and she pointed to it!

Making Friends

11-1/2 months, and she's becoming adept at making friends. After many months of just taking turns stealing toys from other babies, our baby is really starting to play with other babies. She loves to play crawl chase or "follow me". She and her friend crawl all over the place together, laughing and exploring the turf.

Today, I met a family in the lobby of a restaurant. They had a baby girl almost the same age as ours. They instantly bonded and stood together laughing, playing , and even giving kisses. I almost didn't want to go home because it seemed they were having so much fun together.

Baby has also become more playful with adults, mostly men. She brings them her toys, laughs, crawls on them, and acts cute and coy. Oddly, though, whenever we go to Story Time at the library, she has a little bit of separation anxiety. It could be because of the sheer mass of people in the room. It's easy to lose sight of Mommy. But for most people, it takes her a few minutes to warm up to a person, and then she is her friendly, playful self.

On a side note, Baby took a few more steps on her own today. It seems like she has to be in the mood for walking. But as she was standing up, I coaxed her to walk toward me, and she wobbled over to me slowly, but proudly, in her coy little way. It's exciting to watch these milestones. But people always say that with more mobility comes more danger. It's a work in progress, though. Keeps me on my toes.


Baby is learning how to give kisses. She is so proud of herself when she does it. Probably because we make a big deal about it. She enjoys cuddling stuffed animals and giving them kisses. But every now and then she'll give Mommy, Daddy, and even Grandma kisses. She also likes receiving butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses, although I don't think she knows how to give them yet.

Speaking of stuffed animals, now that she knows how to make My Pal Violet sing, she's found her favorite song. She'll press the paw several times, skipping through different songs until she hears "If You're Happy and You Know It". She could win Name That Tune since she identifies the song within just a couple of intro notes. I don't have a clue as to how that song came to be a such a favorite. They pick up things that you would not even think of! She saw me dance to "I Feel Good" one time, and now she dances whenever she hears that song.

I have a friend whose 1 year old, can identify several things, like her nose, feet, toes, ball, and airplane. She can also make cat, cow, and dog sounds when you ask her what sound the animal makes. I was impressed!

Our baby has been able to identify her foot on rare occasions, when she's not distracted by something else. I bought her a baby doll, and it was interesting watching her check it out. At first she was a little put off by the eyes opening and closing. But when she realized it wasn't Talking Tina, she warmed up to it and even gave it a kiss :-) She's an analyzer and conducted her scientific study of the doll. I saw her looking closely at the doll's hand and fingers and then looking at her own hand and fingers. Later I said, "Where are baby's feet?" And she pointed to them. But that only happened once, couldn't get her to do it again. I know, in due time, she will grow up to be the smartest person in the world. But for now, she's still our little baby.

Baby's First Steps
At 11-1/2 months, our baby took her first few steps on her own today. I steadied her so that she was standing on her own and then coaxed her to come toward me. Excitedly, she took about 3 quick steps to me. And with mutual excitement, I hugged her, feeling so proud that she walked on her own! When I tried to repeat the drill, she just squatted back down and crawled, as she had done countless times when I've tried it before. Yeah, I know, baby steps...


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