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Savor the Moment

My new baby is now 4 months old. Wow, how time flies. I still remember the small little embryo she was during my first ultrasound. Sometimes I look at her while she is dozing off and am still amazed at how she now has her own breath, her own heart beat, her own voice, and now her own taste (she seems to really like bananas). I love spending time with her, playing with her, holding and kissing her, and just watching her in complete awe.

Many things around the house gets left undone during my many hours with her each day. But I realize that every day I make this choice. I would rather spend time with her than do most other things. Luckily, I have a very understanding husband who helps me with the chores, even after a tiring day at work. I know that these baby months don't last very long, and so I savor and cherish these few months with my baby. I am also lucky to be able to stay home with our baby and be a full time mom.

When I do have to cook, clean, pay bills, or even eat, I have various things like a play yard, Jumperoo, high chair, Bumbo, swing, and bouncy chair that she can hang out in. They are all very helpful and enjoyable for her. But much of my day is spent feeding her, playing with her, and also catching up on sleep.

Prince Lionheart Warmies

We bought these Prince Lionheart Warmies for cleaning our baby's face. They are made of soft bamboo, and are really awesome warm face wipes. There are a few cons we've had to contend with, though. One, many of the bamboo cloths easily fall apart in the wash and fray on the edges pretty bad. Two, the cloths begin to smell bad a few days or so after being in the warmer. Three, the cloths get brown on the edges in the warmer after a while. I've seen other posts that complain about these same things, too.

I don't really know what to do about the fraying. I still use some of the frayed warmie cloths. Even though they look raggedy, they still clean faces. I'm tempted to go out and buy some new warmie cloths, but wouldn't that just be supporting an inferior product? I wish there were other brands of warmie cloths I could use. I thought about using regular cotton baby cloths in the warmer, which I still might do.

For the bad smell, I found a solution. I don't know if it is the best, but it seems to work and not cause any problems. I soak the pillow (which is a separate piece that sits at the bottom of the warmer) in BabyGanics hand sanitizer rather than water. I figured the bad smell was caused by bacteria growing in the warmer. And using a "baby" hand sanitizer would be safe enough. (Note, I don't soak the warmie cloths in the hand sanitizer, just the pillow)

To prevent the edges of the cloths from getting brown, I use distilled water rather than tap water. Our tap water has so much calcium/lime deposits. I think this is what turns brown. These minerals seem to cook/burn a little while on the cloths in the warmer.

Anyway, I think these warmies are really great for cleaning baby's face in the morning, at night, or whenever you need to. You can put a little baby wash, olive oil, or essential oils into the water that you soak the cloths in or just use plain water (or distilled water). I've tried both, and either works great.

Seize the Moment

One thing I learned as a new mother is that it is important to seize the moment. That means be flexible, spontaneous. For me, since I usually strive to be organized and efficient, it actually takes a little discipline to be flexible and spontaneous. Willpower to cringe and leave things undone. But being flexible allows me to capture those priceless moments with my baby, and actually, get some things done.

For example, I seize the moment when my baby falls asleep after feeding her in the glider. I take that opportunity to file her fast growing nails. When she takes her midday nap, I go take a shower. Sometimes I really need to take a nap, and the only time for me to do that is when she takes a nap. So I learned that if I am really tired, I had better grab sleep when the opportunity presents itself. Eat is another thing I get to do while she is asleep.

As a new mom, I'm still trying to figure the rhythm of working around my baby's feeding and sleeping. Trying to make order out of the chaos. Since my baby is now 3-1/2 months old, she is getting to be a little more predictable with her eating and napping schedule. But there are still irregularities. So that's why seizing the moment is a skill I had to quickly learn.

Baby blog
I am starting this blog to share stories about my baby and being a first time mom. Since she keeps me very busy, these postings might be short and sort of scattered. Hopefully they will be helpful, amusing, or maybe even remind you of your experience as a new mom. If you have any tips or tricks, you can always contact me!


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