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Solid Food

At her 4 month well baby checkup, the pediatrician said that she can start solid foods, if she seems interested. Meaning, is she staring hungrily at us as we put food into our mouths? Does she smack her lips? She did. So we tried giving her some rice cereal and mashed up banana, and she seemed to really like those.

Then we tried some Gerber 1st Foods Organic and some Earth's Best 1st Foods, and found her very much enjoying solid foods. Until we gave her the green vegetables. Oh, she enjoyed the apple, pears, sweet potato, and carrots. But when it came time for the peas and the green beans, suddenly eating solid food was accompanied by frowns and gagging sounds.

The pedi said not to give her anything we wouldn't want to eat. And those greens did smell a little unappetizing. So now we probably need to make our own baby food puree greens for her to eat. I guess I need to look up some good recipes for preparing green veggies that might be more yummie tasting for baby.


Today was the first time I have seen Baby really get into her Jumperoo. I still have to put a blanket under her feet since she still can't touch the floor yet. But she was really enjoying jumping today (I've never really seen her jump in there before) and even setting off the jump music. She also was able to turn her seat to look at some other toys. I have always had to turn the seat for her. But somehow, this time, she did it herself. Wow, another milestone :-)  I remember when we first got the Jumperoo, and she was barely able to grab the few toys in front of her. Now she turns herself to reach all the toys around her and even reaches up to play with the toys on the arch!

Her enjoying the Jumperoo so much allowed me some time to clean up the kitchen (where the Jumperoo) is located. Wow, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor myself (without having to ask Hubby to do it).

Another plus is that it made her really ready for a nap. Not that I want her to sleep all day, but many days she doesn't really take naps. And if she does, it is often short 10-15 minute naps. I was able to make some phone calls and get some bills paid today because I think all the excitement on the Jumperoo made her actually take a real nap.

Hurray for the Jumperoo! Thank you Fisher Price.

Rolling Over

Baby Bel can now roll over on her own, although she doesn't do it on every tummy time. She started doing this on the 20th of February, a little milestone for her. She rolls over from her tummy onto her back. She hasn't yet been able to, or even attempted to, roll from her back onto her tummy (which is fine for her age). From her tummy, she can roll to the left or to the right, but seems to prefer rolling to her right.

It is so cute when she does it. I think she has to start with her arms stretched in front of her (rather than them being down at her sides). Then she pushes off with her foot, lifts her bottom, rolls onto her side, and then eventually onto her back. This process could take her a few seconds or a few minutes.

My baby grows up so fast. She is now about 4-1/2 months old. Soon she'll be crawling!

Clogged Milk Ducts

In the past few weeks, I've been getting clogged milk ducts. They are painful lumps around the breast where milk gets trapped and doesn't flow out easily. I've been able to get them unclogged using a heat compress and pumping. Sometimes it takes a second try after about 3 hours before I can get the milk out of the blocked ducts at all. I've even had to forego a round of breast feeding and just defrost some frozen breast milk from the freezer to feed baby. Once I get it flowing again, I just have to make sure to give baby the clogged side first throughout the whole day to make sure I got it all.

4 Month Well Baby Checkup

Today, our baby had her four month well baby checkup. She is in the 50-75% in height and brain size and the 75-90% in weight. Doc said that if she seems interested, we can start her on some solid food. Our little baby is growing so fast. I can't believe that soon she won't be a baby anymore! I never realized that babyhood lasted such a short time. Soon she'll be a year old, and I guess that's the end of babyhood. She got some shots today and did well. She cried a little bit but not for long.


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